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New U.S. medical marijuana markets – one year later

If it was a big year for recreational marijuana in 2016, then it was a huge one for medical marijuana.

Voters or state legislatures in 11 states – Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia – approved or advanced medical cannabis measures.

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Hemp State Highlight: North Dakota growing lots of hemp, but market potential is limited

Few states are growing more hemp than North Dakota. With more than 3,000 acres in active hemp production and an unparalleled system for getting viable, certified seeds to interested growers, North Dakota could one day be the hemp leader it is for other agricultural commodities from corn to flaxseed.

But North Dakota has natural enemies that can limit hemp’s ability to thrive, as well as manmade enemies that limit the plant’s potential uses.

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North Dakota’s MMJ program won’t be ready for at least a year

North Dakota regulators are proposing rules that would allow for the sale of medical cannabis in “11 to 13 months,” Valley News Live reported. Under the proposed rules – filed by the state health department with the Legislative Council – prospective dispensaries, manufacturers and testing labs won’t be able to apply for licenses until April […]

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Public banks offer hope for marijuana businesses, but will they arrive in time?

By Omar Sacirbey With most private institutions and credit unions still avoiding the legal cannabis industry, many marijuana businesses remain without bank accounts. But one idea is gaining acceptance among MJ entrepreneurs and a growing number of cities and states: the formation of public banks to serve the cannabis industry.

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North Dakota is looking for more hemp farmers

North Dakota’s Agriculture Department is seeking participants for the third year of the state’s industrial hemp research program. The goal of the program is to determine whether hemp can be a successful crop in North Dakota, and which varieties work best in the state’s climate. Five North Dakota producers planted 70-plus acres of hemp in […]

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Out-of-state marijuana labs show interest in North Dakota

Seven companies with experience in other states have expressed interest in testing medical marijuana in North Dakota, which is setting up an MMJ program approved by voters last year. State officials had expressed concern about how much interest there would be among in-state labs that focus mainly on agricultural and environmental testing. Out-of-state companies “have […]

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North Dakota’s medical cannabis rules may be only weeks away

North Dakota’s medical marijuana regulations are only weeks from being finalized, according to a state regulator. MMJ program director Kenan Bullinger said during an advisory meeting he expects the MMJ regulations to be finalized “within the next week or so,” the Bismarck Tribune reported. However, he cautioned, “We’re going to take the time necessary to get them […]

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North Dakota seeks medical cannabis testing lab

North Dakota is in the market for a testing laboratory for its nascent medical marijuana program. The chosen lab will be responsible for collecting and testing samples from marijuana cultivators in the state, the Forum News Service reported. Each sample will be tested for: Microbiological contaminants Mycotoxins Active pesticide ingredients Residual solvent Heavy metals THC […]

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Potential licensees show interest in ND medical cannabis program

Nearly 100 groups and businesses in North Dakota have shown interest in producing or dispensing medical marijuana. The health department in June asked those considering entering the state’s MMJ program to notify the agency by the end of the month so it could gauge interest. The request exceeded expectations, with the agency receiving 97 nonbinding letters […]

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North Dakota eyes spring 2018 start for medical cannabis sales

Medical marijuana sales in North Dakota would begin next spring under the state’s tentative timeline for its MMJ industry. The state health department plans to open the application process for growers and dispensaries in early August and close it at the end of September. The agency would review applications in October and make selections in […]

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North Dakota lays out initial medical marijuana regulations

North Dakota’s medical marijuana industry took a big step this week when Gov. Douglas Burgum signed legislation laying out a regulatory framework for the state’s new MMJ program. North Dakota voters overwhelmingly approved MMJ legalization in November, but the legislature decided the law that passed needed some work. The law the governor signed includes several business-friendly […]

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North Dakota lawmakers OK medical marijuana industry rules

North Dakota’s legislature has passed a bill establishing a regulatory structure for the state’s upcoming medical cannabis industry. The measure – which now goes to the governor, who said he would sign the bill – includes several business-friendly provisions. Dispensaries, for instance, will be able to sell smokable MMJ, which will help attract patients to the program […]

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