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Israeli university launches medical cannabis research center

Bart Schaneman  | April 7, 2017

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a leading Israeli academic institution, is launching a Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabinoid Research.

Additional research providing evidence of marijuana’s medicinal benefits could persuade more doctors to recommend medical cannabis. Israel already has a reputation as a cannabis research powerhouse.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the new center’s studies …

West Virginia legislature approves medical cannabis legalization

Omar Sacirbey  | April 6, 2017

West Virginia appears poised to become the 30th state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana after the Republican-controlled legislature signed off on a bill Thursday night establishing an MMJ program.

The measure now goes to the desk of Democratic Gov. Jim Justice, West Virginia Public Broadcasting reported. He is expected to sign it.

Steep Hill Labs partners with Israeli marijuana firm

John Schroyer  | March 23, 2017

California-based Steep Hill Labs entered into a partnership with iCAN, an Israeli medical marijuana company, to establish a testing lab in the Middle Eastern country.

The deal is perhaps the first of its kind for a U.S.-based marijuana testing company to expand internationally. An Israeli testing firm announced last month it planned to set …

Week in Review: Sessions’ cannabis remarks, Oxford MMJ research & odd pairing in MA

John Schroyer  | March 17, 2017

By John Schroyer, Bart Schaneman and Omar Sacirbey

Attorney General Jeff Sessions again criticizes marijuana without offering a clear policy plan, Oxford University receives millions to study medical cannabis, and Massachusetts liquor store owners are eyeing the rec MJ market.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Third lawsuit launched in Canada over tainted medical marijuana

Bart Schaneman  | March 16, 2017

A third proposed class-action lawsuit over pesticide-laden medical marijuana in Canada raises additional questions about Health Canada’s claim that people who consumed the tainted cannabis weren’t becoming ill.

According to The Globe and Mail, the Nova Scotia man listed in the new proposed class action allegedly became violently ill after consuming medical marijuana he …

Oxford University receives $12.3M to study medical marijuana

Bart Schaneman  | March 16, 2017

One of the world’s top research universities, Oxford University, has received 10 million pounds ($12.3 million) from a London-based private equity firm to study the medical benefits of marijuana, a move that could lead to more acceptance of MMJ as a medicinal therapy worldwide.

According to a news release, Oxford will use the money to identify state-of-the-art …