Medical Cannabis Business & Marijuana Legal News in Other Regions

Chart: Florida could someday be home to massive medical marijuana businesses

Eli McVey  | June 19, 2017

By Eli McVey

Primed to become one of the nation’s most lucrative medical marijuana markets once it’s up and running, Florida’s program will license just a handful of businesses to produce, process and distribute all MMJ sold in the state.

It’s a situation that may give rise to some of the nation’s largest marijuana firms.

South Carolina legalizes hemp cultivation and sales

Omar Sacirbey  | May 22, 2017

South Carolina became the latest state to legalize industrial hemp cultivation and sales after the governor signed legislation establishing a pilot program.

The bill, signed into law last week, creates a program that will award 20 licenses permitting growers to grow, harvest and sell hemp, The State reported. Each grower may cultivate hemp on up to 20 acres …

Australian companies ramping up for medical marijuana market

John Schroyer  | May 17, 2017

Australian businesses looking to enter the nation’s nascent medical cannabis market are doing plenty of prep work, including raising millions and signing partnership deals.

Within recent days, Perth-based AusCann was at the center of two such related developments. The publicly traded company on Wednesday revealed it is attempting to raise 10 …

Chart: Washington DC’s medical marijuana industry poised for more growth

Eli McVey  | May 15, 2017

By Eli McVey

Washington DC’s medical cannabis market is one of the smallest in the nation, but the program is adding patients at a healthy clip – and new business-friendly regulations as well as increased public outreach could push the numbers much higher.

Canadian producer Tilray expands its cannabis export market

Omar Sacirbey  | May 10, 2017

Tilray, a major licensed Canadian medical marijuana producer, expanded its international reach with recent MMJ exports to Cyprus and Chile.

Tilray, which is owned by Seattle-based Privateer, said its shipment to Cyprus consisted of Tilray drops, a medical cannabis extract product.

Tilray’s agreement with Chile calls for its MMJ …

Week in Review: New York medical cannabis lawsuit, Vermont MMJ expansion & Texas’ preliminary CBD licensees

John Schroyer  | May 5, 2017

By Omar Sacirbey, Bart Schaneman and John Schroyer

New York medical marijuana dispensaries file suit to prevent new competitors, Vermont lawmakers approve expanding the state’s MMJ program, and Texas awards three preliminary licenses for its CBD program.

Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week.

Australia receives first marijuana oil imports

Omar Sacirbey  | May 3, 2017

CanniMed Therapeutics, a Canadian federally licensed medical marijuana producer, said it delivered the first commercial shipment of cannabis oil to Australia and has received an additional order for more product.

Canadian MMJ companies increasingly have been tapping the export market. And CanniMed is among those targeting Australia's emerging medical cannabis market. Tilray - another Canadian MMJ …

Israeli university launches medical cannabis research center

Bart Schaneman  | April 7, 2017

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a leading Israeli academic institution, is launching a Multidisciplinary Center on Cannabinoid Research.

Additional research providing evidence of marijuana’s medicinal benefits could persuade more doctors to recommend medical cannabis. Israel already has a reputation as a cannabis research powerhouse.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the new center’s studies …

West Virginia legislature approves medical cannabis legalization

Omar Sacirbey  | April 6, 2017

West Virginia appears poised to become the 30th state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana after the Republican-controlled legislature signed off on a bill Thursday night establishing an MMJ program.

The measure now goes to the desk of Democratic Gov. Jim Justice, West Virginia Public Broadcasting reported. He is expected to sign it.