Recreational Marijuana News

DC Mayor: City Will Fight for Rec Marijuana Law

Washington DC isn’t giving up the fight on legalized cannabis. The city will “explore every option” to get a voter-approved marijuana law enforced, Mayor Muriel Bowser, who took office on Jan. 2, said Sunday on Meet The Press. If successful, DC could eventually allow the actual sale of cannabis via retail stores. The law, which […]

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Alaska Might Stick to Rec Deadlines After All

After initially indicating he might push for delays in the rollout of recreational marijuana sales, Alaska Gov. Bill Walker said his office is now committed to sticking with the deadlines spelled out in Ballot Measure 2. That means personal possession will be legal beginning Feb. 24, while draft rules for the industry are due by […]

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Rec legalization, MMJ bills on tap in Maine

A Maine lawmaker plans to take another shot at legalizing recreational marijuana, saying it’s important to “get ahead of the issue” and set policy before two pro-cannabis groups introduce private initiatives. State Rep. Diane Russell, D-Portland, intends to craft a bill next year to regulate and tax cannabis – which would rank as her fourth […]

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Alaska Lawyers Group Exploring Marijuana Issues

Alaska lawyers should be able to advise marijuana companies on legal issues and consume cannabis privately but probably shouldn’t invest in MJ businesses, at least for now. This is the advice the Alaska Bar Association’s ethics committee released after analyzing issues tied to the state’s new recreational marijuana law. The guidance is a preliminary step […]

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Rec Stores in CO City Prepare for Extra Tax Burden

Cannabis shops in Colorado’s third-largest city face higher tax rates heading into the new year, which some business owners say will drive up the price of legal cannabis well above rates on the black market. As of Jan. 1, recreational marijuana stores in Aurora will be required to pay a 5% excise tax and a […]

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All I Want for Christmas: Holiday Regulatory Wishes in Marijuana Markets

By John Schroyer Cannabis business owners and entrepreneurs have a long Christmas wish list. While the industry made significant progress in 2014, there were some hiccups along the way (ahem, Florida). And most markets are far from perfect when it comes to the business climate, meaning they could benefit from some improvements on the regulatory […]

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5th Judge Rules WA Municipalities Can Ban Marijuana

Despite the fact that marijuana sales are now legal in Washington State, businesses can’t set up shop just anywhere. The industry lost yet another court case after a judge ruled that Pierce County has the ability to ban recreational marijuana businesses, the fifth consecutive ruling that allows local municipalities to block the industry from taking […]

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Most Colorado Border States Sitting Out Marijuana Lawsuit

Although Oklahoma and Nebraska attacked Colorado’s recreational marijuana industry last week in a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court, other nearby conservative states are more hesitant to jump on board. The lawsuit contends that Colorado’s rec market has cost both Nebraska and Oklahoma significant capital in law enforcement resources, as consumers have been reportedly purchasing […]

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Chart of the Week: The Impact of a Holiday on Washington State’s Marijuana Industry

By Jennifer Mann

How much can a big holiday impact recreational cannabis companies?

A lot, as evidenced by a breakdown of overall recreational cannabis revenue in Washington State over the course of an average week vs. Thanksgiving week.

Sales hit $3.65 million during the holiday week this year, up about 30% from $2.8 million for the average week between September and the end of November, according to data from the state. The numbers include sales generated by retail stores, producers and processors.

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Week in Review: CO Rec Law Under Attack, Tribes Explore MMJ & Anchorage Ban Fails

By John Schroyer and Tony C. Dreibus Oklahoma and Nebraska attempt to overturn Colorado’s recreational marijuana law, Native American tribes begin weighing whether to sell medical cannabis, and Anchorage tosses out a proposed ban on MJ businesses. Here’s a closer look at some notable developments in the marijuana industry over the past week:

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Nebraska, Oklahoma Ask Supreme Court to Nix Colorado Marijuana Law

Nebraska and Oklahoma have filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Colorado’s recreational cannabis law, arguing that it creates a “dangerous gap” in federal marijuana policies and is unconstitutional, according to a report by the Denver Post. If the suit is successful, it could upend marijuana markets in the handful of other […]

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Anchorage Shoots Down Proposed Ban on Rec Sales

Alaska’s budding marijuana industry scored a significant victory Tuesday night when lawmakers killed a proposal that would’ve banned recreational cannabis sales in Anchorage, the state’s most promising MJ market. Barring any other legal challenges, it appears retail stores, cultivation sites, testing labs and other cannabis-related businesses will eventually be able to set up shop in […]

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