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73 Current & Former Police Officers, Judges Urge Gov’t to Respect CO & WA Marijuana Legalization

The Obama administration is facing pressure on numerous fronts to respect laws legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington. The latest plea came this morning, when the nonprofit group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) delivered a letter to the Department of Justice asking Attorney General Eric Holder to “respect and abide by the democratically enacted laws” […]

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Lawmakers in 4 States to Push for Marijuana Legalization as Cannabis Reform Gains Momentum

Let the domino effect begin. Lawmakers in four states plan to submit bills that would legalize marijuana for adult use and tax cannabis sales, spurred by similar successful measures in Colorado and Washington. State representatives in Rhode Island and Maine will announce in a teleconference tomorrow their intentions to introduce marijuana legalization bills for debate […]

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Uncertainty Ahead as Cannabis Industry Awaits Federal Response to Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana advocates rejoiced last week when Colorado and Washington became the first states in the US to legalize cannabis for recreational use. But MMJ professionals in those states are experiencing a post-election hangover as they grapple with a new headache: increased uncertainty. The future of medical cannabis in Colorado and Washington is murkier than ever, […]

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