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Reporter’s California Notebook: State’s marijuana evolution continues

Marijuana Business Daily reporter John Schroyer was on the ground in California, posting firsthand accounts detailing the historic, Jan. 1 launch of the state’s recreational marijuana market. Scroll down for an inside account from cannabis business executives pioneering the state’s new adult-use market, which Marijuana Business Daily estimates will generate at least $4 billion in annual retail sales […]

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Chart: Sales growth slowing in Colorado’s recreational marijuana market

Recreational marijuana sales in Colorado are continuing to grow, but at a slower pace – another sign that the nation’s oldest adult-use market is reaching maturity. Despite a couple of record-setting months in 2017 – when sales eclipsed $100 million – the sales gains for Colorado’s rec market have been shrinking over the past three […]

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Fate of marijuana business protection uncertain as government shutdown looms

The only current federal law protecting medical marijuana businesses from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions could expire Friday might if Congress doesn’t reach an agreement on the national budget, which is set to expire at midnight ET. The Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, which prohibits the Department of Justice from using federal funds to interfere with state MMJ […]

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Washington state cannabis oversupply spurs calls for change

Washington state’s cannabis supply continues to swell, flooding the market and causing both wholesale and retail prices to sink.

After the October 2017 outdoor harvest – the state’s largest to date – Jim MacRae, owner of cannabis-focused business intelligence firm Straight Line Analytics in Seattle, says the market will have a 60% larger supply than in 2016.

With an ounce of legal marijuana flower selling for as low as $40 in the state’s retail stores, both shop owners and producers are seeking changes to Washington’s cannabis regulations.

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Sessions’ move could slow cannabis investment money, but analysts doubt long-term impact

News that federal prosecutors have wider discretion to enforce federal drug law could put at least a temporary damper on investment money flowing into the U.S. cannabis sector, but analysts doubt the money will dry up. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision last week to rescind Obama-era protections for the legal cannabis industry has created new […]

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Industry insiders, state officials in recreational cannabis markets vow to stay the course

Prominent figures from the nine recreational marijuana markets in the United States reacted defiantly to the announcement that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is throwing out Obama-era protections for the legalized cannabis industry. From Alaska to Maine, industry insiders in states with legal adult-use programs and politicians from both sides of the aisle spoke out against the action. But […]

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Florida recreational marijuana legalization groups say they won’t make 2018 ballot

It looks as if Florida’s bid to legalize recreational cannabis will have to wait until at least 2020. Two separate campaigns trying to gather the requisite 766,000 voter signatures to place initiatives on the November 2018 ballot told the Naples Daily News that they won’t make the threshold. And that means there almost certainly won’t be […]

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$4B Brave New World: Updates on the launch of California’s recreational marijuana market

Marijuana Business Daily reporter John Schroyer is on the ground in Berkeley, California, and will post live updates throughout New Year’s Day from the longest-operating medical cannabis dispensary in the country – Berkeley Patients Group (BPG).

Scroll down for a front-row seat to the challenges and successes BPG experiences on its first day selling recreational marijuana as well as insight on the launch of California’s recreational marijuana industry, which Marijuana Business Daily estimates could generate at least $4 billion in annual retail sales in several years. (All entries are in Pacific Time.)

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Chart: California recreational marijuana sales set to begin in limited number of stores

Recreational cannabis sales officially begin in California today, but fewer than 100 adult-use retail licenses have been issued throughout the state – which may lead to long lines and supply issues for the rec stores able to open their doors on New Year’s Day. California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control – the agency overseeing the licensing process for […]

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Break-in at Alaska marijuana operation, $150k of product stolen

A marijuana business in Anchorage had a large amount of freshly packaged cannabis stolen, police said, highlighting the ongoing danger robberies can present for plant-touching companies. The owner of Danish Gardens – a licensed grower, product manufacturer and retailer – arrived at his store to find the glass employee entrance smashed in, with a small […]

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Berkeley Patients Group’s journey: Prepping for California’s recreational marijuana launch

California’s conversion from a two-decades-old medical cannabis gray market to a regulated marijuana industry isn’t going to be easy for companies that are set in the ways they’ve been doing business for years.

In fact, it’s probably going to be downright painful, considering the extra expenses required to become fully compliant and obtain all the necessary permits.

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