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Newest Insurance Product: ‘Pot Raid Coverage’ for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Partnerships with key suppliers? Check. Attorney? Check. Security system? Check. Raid insurance? Che….wait, what? There’s a whole host of things you need to start – and to continue operating – a medical marijuana dispensary. You might want to add “pot raid coverage” to that list. Yes, there actually is an insurance product out there to […]

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American Express Tells Medical Marijuana Patients to Leave Home Without It

As if you didn’t already have enough to worry about, given the oft-changing regulations and procedures, public misconceptions and – the biggie – complicated and confusing legal issues tied to medical marijuana. Now, you have to deal with a new headache on the customer payment side of the equation. American Express reportedly no longer allows […]

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Anne Holland: No Babes-in-Bikinis … Just Medical Marijuana Business News

“If I see any more breasts, my eyes will start crossing,” I announced to our COO yesterday.  I was surfing medical marijuana-related sites as part of our prep to launch this blog and the experience felt sort of like Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue overload. It also amply illustrated why our new publications are needed.  Now […]

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