CO Awards $250K Grant to THC Breathalyzer Developer

A Colorado company attempting to develop THC breathalyzers is getting some help from the state – in the form of a sizable cash infusion.

Lifeloc Technologies was recently awarded a $250,000 grant by the Colorado Office of Economic Development to develop the breathalyzers, which will be used to assess cannabis consumption levels. Lifeloc already produces breathalyzers used by law enforcement and employers to detect alcohol impairment.

If successful, Lifeloc will sell breathalyzers to cops, employers, schools and corrections facilities sometime in the near future.

, CO Awards $250K Grant to THC Breathalyzer Developer

“There is no equivalent of a marijuana breathalyzer today,” Lifeloc President Barry Knott said in a statement. “Law enforcement does not have a fast, reliable and non-invasive THC impairment test available at roadside.”

To obtain the grant, Lifeloc had to put up a matching quarter-million dollars of its own money.

Other companies are exploring development of THC breathalyzers as well, but the Colorado grant could give Lifeloc a huge edge.