Home Testing Kit Could Ease Halloween-Related Concerns

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A Colorado company’s new product could help ease concerns that marijuana-infused candy will wind up in the hands of children this Halloween, according to a report by a Denver TV station.

CB Scientific has released a $15 kit that allows individuals to test cannabis, edibles and other products for THC levels at home.

The three-step process involves putting a small sample in a test tube, adding some of CB’s testing solution and dye, and then shaking the mixture gently. If the solution begins to turn pink or red, it’s infused with marijuana, according to the company.

Police departments in several Colorado cities – including Denver – have issued warnings ahead of Halloween, saying it’s difficult to tell the difference between cannabis-infused edibles and regular candy. Parents spooked by the warning could employ the kit to test any suspicious candy their children bring home, according to the report.

CB staffers recommend waiting at least 10 minutes to see if the color of the solution changes at all, in case a piece of infused candy is a low-potency edible.

CB’s kit will allow for three tests for $15. Some marijuana dispensaries, hydroponics stores and head shops are carrying the product.