CO Industry Group Announces New Edibles Standards

One of Colorado’s several cannabis industry groups announced on Wednesday that its members would adhere to a new standard for edibles production and sales in an effort to make them less attractive to kids: no candies in the shape of animals or humans.

The Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, which counts among its members high-profile companies such as Cheeba Chews, Medically Correct and EdiPure, pledged not only that its edible producing members would abide by the standard, but also that its retail members would not purchase or sell such candies.

“Animal shapes such as gummy bears, gummy worms, ‘sour patch kids’ and other items will be prohibited,” the chamber stated in a press release. However, other gummies – such as those in the shape of a rectangle, like Wana Brands – are fine under the new rule.

The standard is voluntary for all 43 members, the chamber said, and will be implemented by Oct. 1. The date intentionally is the same as a deadline for a state mandate that edibles makers will stamp their products with an identifying mark as THC infused.

The chamber said the new standard would definitely affect EdiPure, but did not offer an estimate on how much it would cost the company to comply. It’s not clear if the new standard would force any of the rest of its members to significantly change business practices.