CO Rec Stores Unloading Edibles Inventory

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In advance of new regulations for infused products in Colorado, many recreational stores in the state are slashing prices on edibles to avoid having to destroy them in a few days.

One shop, for example, is selling a Dixie Elixirs infused drink that normally retails at $22.50 for just $7, according to the Cannabist.

Starting Feb. 1, rec shops will only be allowed to sell edibles and other infused products that conform to new packaging and labeling rules as well as requirements tied to serving sizes.

Older products that don’t meet the new standards will have to be destroyed for a total loss.

LivWell, one Colorado rec chain with nine stores, is selling all of its edibles at 40% off, according to the Cannabist.

Under the new rules, recreational edibles must be individually wrapped or broken up into doses of 10 milligrams or less. Child-resistant packaging requirements also change on Feb. 1, and are stricter than the original rules.