Colorado Labs Barred From Testing Home-Grown Cannabis

State-licensed marijuana labs in Colorado can no longer test samples from home growers and medical cannabis caregivers.

Instead, the labs can only work with licensed recreational cannabis stores, dispensaries and infused-product manufacturers as part of new testing rules.

The move focuses the Colorado’s seven licensed testing labs firmly on highly regulated businesses instead of individuals. Regulators want to ensure that these labs route all cannabis samples through the state’s inventory tracking system, which dispensaries and retail shops also use.

State officials began informing newly licensed labs of the ban in March, according to the Denver Post.

, Colorado Labs Barred From Testing Home-Grown CannabisLabs that want to continue serving only the medical marijuana market – where testing is not mandatory – can theoretically skip getting a license and still serve individuals. But moving forward without a license is a risky business proposition.

Several home growers are irked by the policy change, since they regularly test their marijuana for THC content and contaminants.

Ian Berringer, founder of Rm3 Labs, told the Post that independent growers did not account for a big part of his business, but that they were important nonetheless. He also said that the capital-intensive business model for testing operations could make opening a lab focused on caregivers and home growers cost-prohibitive.

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4 comments on “Colorado Labs Barred From Testing Home-Grown Cannabis
  1. Sicmarc on

    How stupid is this! Now we have a law against information? If a Patient wants to know what they are consuming these “regulators” are acting like the frikking Gestapo! The only effect this nonsense will have in the real world is further loss of respect for any laws regulating the cannabis industry. They need to be fired and replaced or ignored.

  2. Doc Deadhead on

    Over-regulation just pushes us back into the underground.

    Politicians have got to realize there is a complete distribution system already in place illegally and underground.

    Do they not remember how we got our weed before the dispensaries?

    Smart regulation is needed for this to work for the Government, this sort of tightening will just make way for underground testing facilities for the caregivers.

    I will not provide meds to a patient that hasn’t been tested for THEIR safety.

    I guess Colorado doesn’t care about medical patient safety, they just want absolute control on numbers.

    Typical top down thinking, they think just because they say something that we will actually do it!

  3. Angela Knittel on

    The fact that you can’t have your homegrown product lab tested shouldn’t stop from testing potency with an onsite potency test kit
    at least it will give the consumer an indication as to the potency

  4. Jahpharmer on

    I smell the stink of bureaucracy here folks. “…only wants to focus on recreational”, says those folks you the voters of Colorado elected no longer give a rats rump about protecting medical marijuana users.

    You know, so far it’s been a real, IMHO, don’t-got-a-clue game show when looking at the incompetence state legislators in both Washington state and Colorado have demonstrated in how they are crafting their states’ marijuana regulations.

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