Colorado Marijuana Retailers Still Battling Black Market

Licensed cannabis dealers in Colorado are still doing battle every day with the black market, even though Denver cops are trying to crack down on illegal online sales.

One of the most popular venues for law-skirting marijuana salesmen? Craigslist.

“The black market in general is still very active and Craigslist is a perfect example of the active black market,” consultant Lauren Harris told Fox 31 in Denver.

Often, the violators are medical cannabis patients themselves, Harris said. What patients will do is go to legit dispensaries, purchase cannabis products, and then resell the same items online for a profit, but still undercutting recreational shops in price, since rec businesses are taxed at a higher rate by the state.

But of course home cultivation is legal in Colorado, which also contributes to the illicit market, since residents can grow up to six plants at home. That leads to more black market sales.

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