Colorado Owner Lends Expertise to Massachusetts

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The owner of a successful retail marijuana business in Colorado is taking his expertise to Massachusetts.

Kevin Fisher, owner of the Steamboat Springs-based Rocky Mountain Remedies medical dispensary and retail center, is also taking the position of executive director and chief operating officer for the New England Treatment Access Inc. That business recently secured a license to open in Northampton.

Fisher joins a list of out-of-state marijuana professionals who are marketing their expertise in Massachusetts’ budding medical marijuana market.

Andrew DeAngelo, general manager of California’s Harborside Health Care,  is also president of the Green Heart Holistic Health & Pharmaceuticals Inc., which secured a license to operate in Boston.

Fisher’s expertise could help the new business navigate the challenges of banking and finance. He said his Colorado business has operated a bank account with a federally-insured institution for several years. He declined to name the institution.

He said his business also accepts credit card transactions, but did not elaborate on how.

“We don’t ever believe in lying,” Fisher said.