Colorado Suspends Doctors for MJ Violations

States with medical marijuana programs are increasingly clamping down on doctors accused of writing medical marijuana recommendations for people who don’t need them.

The implications are significant for medical marijuana businesses, since physicians write recommendations for their patients, and such violations could invite greater regulatory scrutiny on the industry.

The latest state to take action is Colorado, where regulators suspended the licenses of four doctors for recommending medical marijuana and “authorizing high plant counts for patients without medical necessity,” according to the Denver Business Journal.

It’s the first time since Colorado passed medical marijuana 16 years ago that state regulators suspended multiple doctors at once for writing recommendations without medical necessity, the publication reported.

In May, Massachusetts took medical licenses away from two doctors who between them are accused of improperly certifying thousands of people for medical marijuana use.

In January, a state lawmaker in Arizona tried to pass legislation that would have prohibited naturopaths and homeopaths from recommending medical marijuana. The lawmaker contended the two healthcare provider groups improperly recommended medical marijuana to patients, turning certification into a money-making racket.

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3 comments on “Colorado Suspends Doctors for MJ Violations
  1. Adam Mintz on

    Only a matter of time…last time I got my rec renewed, I put down that I suffer from “Other,” and gave no additional description. What do you expect from doctors that run cash only operations?

  2. Clif Croan on

    Predictable. Next comes practice monitoring to insure actual medical treatment is occurring per the Colorado Medical Practice Act (or whichever state). The Colorado legislature, like other states, has been concerned about this awhile as have other states who have grown in support of LEGITIMATE medical cannabis treatment – while mandating bona fide Dr/Pt relationships and other MINIMUM standards of professional care.

  3. Robert Hempaz, Phd Trichometry on

    Naturopathic doctors will not deny you pain relief as some others may. Just bring a copy of your hip x-ray(s) to your appointment. Arthritis glows bright white on an x-ray photo, though isolated. As clear as day the doctor can see it, and as clear as day a Naturopathic doctor will not deny you pain relief as some others may. Buenas suerte!

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