Colorado’s Cannabis Industry a Factor in Housing Boom

Denver home prices skyrocketed 10% in March – coming in just behind San Francisco, which has long been one of the hottest housing markets in the country.

And it appears Colorado’s booming marijuana industry is a big reason for the price spike, highlighting the immense business opportunities recreational cannabis has created in the state. The development also shows how legalization can spur economic growth, which could help convince other states to pass cannabis-related laws.

CNN reports that Colorado’s marijuana industry has created scores of new jobs that are attracting people from around the country, fueling demand for housing.

“The pot industry is creating jobs we didn’t have before,” one real estate agent told CNN. “It adds a whole new factor to the area; you have real estate needs, housing needs, job needs.”

Although cannabis isn’t the only thing driving the boom, it is a significant factor, the news outlet said.

The medical and recreational marijuana markets in Colorado have had a ripple effect throughout other aspects of the local economy as well, creating scores of opportunities for ancillary companies such as construction, legal and security firms.

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2 comments on “Colorado’s Cannabis Industry a Factor in Housing Boom
  1. victoria smith on

    For all those states that are tightening regulations, limiting the number of providers, charging exorbitant fees and choosing product lines (concentrates v. flower) – you’re doing it wrong. Colorado has none of the above, look at the economic benefits of our cannabis industry.

  2. Johnny Korell on

    All those other states are behind the curve. Most of them are getting paid off by Big Pharma and/or the prison business . Yes and let’s not forget the money they get from the “Feds” for getting them horrible really non threating people that just want to relax without having to resort to alcohol which is really realy bad for you and causes most of the crimes of violance. I’m sorry yall but my son would be still alive if he had not been drunk and having a gun handy. He would of just woke up from a bad hangover.Waking up being the key phrase. Calm down NRA . It’s not the gun . It’s the alcohol and it’s effects. I never have once been on weed and thought about killing my self or causing harm or death to anyone. So put down the alcohol and vote responsibly. Get a clue. I live in Colorado. Thank goodness for using good sense,Colorado.

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