Colorado’s MMJ Program Up for Renewal

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Marijuana will likely be a hot topic among lawmakers in Colorado this year, as the state’s medical cannabis program is up for renewal.

The current law expires this year, which gives the state an opportunity to make some changes.

Legislators will likely consider making lab testing mandatory for medical cannabis products, according to the Associated Press. Testing is currently required only for recreational marijuana. This will probably be part of a larger plan to phase out differences in regulations for the MMJ and rec markets, and put both industries under one regulatory roof.

Another possible change: Edibles manufacturers could be prohibited from parodying more mainstream, non-infused products, such as chocolate bars.

A central focus of the debate will center on caregivers and how the state keeps an eye on them, according to the AP. One fear some lawmakers have is that caregivers may be growing more than legally permitted or also cultivating for recreational customers, which could contribute to the black market.

There’s already a bill introduced that will require caregivers to register with the state.