Combo MMJ Dispensary, Gas Station Opens in Colorado

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The marijuana retail chain Native Roots has opened the first of two shops in Colorado Springs selling both gasoline and medical cannabis.

The Gas and Grass MMJ dispensary on the east side of town is also a fully functioning gas station, where registered patients and those who don’t touch cannabis can both fill up their tanks.

Although Colorado prohibits marijuana shops from selling non-cannabis-related items (such as gas), Native Roots found a workaround for that by setting up two different entrances for the dispensary and the gas station, according to a Colorado Springs TV station. But both are on the same land, and in the same building.

Patients who register with Native Roots also get a free tank of gas and a 15-cent-per-gallon future discount whenever they stop to fill up. Non-patients will pay standard gas prices. Cannabis customers must be registered MMJ patients because recreational marijuana sales are still prohibited in Colorado Springs.

A second Gas and Grass location will open in the city later this month, a company spokesman told the Colorado Springs Gazette.