Commercial Interests Dominate Florida’s MMJ Committee

The Florida committee tasked with creating regulations governing the state’s CBD industry is heavy with commercial interests, but proponents are touting the members’ experience.

The 12-member panel – which will help design rules on how to select, license and regulate the state’s cultivators and dispensaries – includes several people who are in a position to make money from passage of the law.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the committee will be composed of:

– Five growers who will probably compete for one of five regional licenses

– A nursery owner and a botanist

– A lobbyist for a product testing firm who also helped design laws in Colorado and Washington

– A patient advocate representative, a horticulturalist and an anesthesiologist

– A Tallahassee lawyer and the director of the state’s Office of Compassionate Use

Despite the fact that many of the panel members have a stake in the game, pro-cannabis proponents are hoping the appointments means patients will be able to finally get their hands on CBD products.

Florida’s law allows for the production and sale of high-CBD, low-THC oils. The first dispensaries were initially slated to open in January, but legal and regulatory delays have delayed the process.

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2 comments on “Commercial Interests Dominate Florida’s MMJ Committee
  1. Beachestate on

    What really surprises me, all the Floridians forget about multiply businesses in line that make billions off of tourist(Disney World ,Cruise Ships ,Rehab Centers).The reason the CBD bill was put in place in the first place was to attract the younger vote because it had Cannabis in the bill.So that being said everyone overlooked the MEDICAL aspect of the bill ,they were to busy or too stoned to realize this is for all the patients that could benefit from the CBD components.Now we see the governor has put a hold on the rules and regs that were supposed to be in place by Jan 1 2015.Think about it ,who was the biggest Wallet against the Bill?The second LARGEST Rehab company in Florida.He’s still pissed He didn’t get his Casino in Florida.Floridians need to get on a band wagon “Let’s Get Well” not “Lets Get Stoned”and make a difference in peoples lives.

  2. Lyle Courtsal on

    Nope, wrong again. It’s Let’s Get Stoned To Get Well; it’s both/and, not either/or. See marijuana for trauma out of Nova Scotia, the four page A-Z medical index at, and finally the article Sergeant Northcutt’s Post-Iraq Nightmare archived at I am not ashamed of my altered states of consciousness, especially when my state has a de-regulated alcohol supply; think about it.
    Kevin Sabet of Project SAM (stupid about marijuana infamy) is funded by Big Pharma; their products directly kill around 100,000 Americans a year; not cannabis. When will you abandon the inner guilt trip and get it right, eerrr correct?
    Lyle Courtsal

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