Company begins selling CBD pills across Europe

An Australian medical cannabis firm has started selling hemp-derived CBD pills online in Europe, highlighting potential international opportunities for companies that make cannabidiol-infused products.

MMJ PhytoTech is now selling 30-pill boxes of the capsules – called Satipharm – for 89 Euros, or just under $100, according to The Independent. The pills are manufactured in Switzerland and registered in Germany, and they are produced from hemp, not marijuana.

MMJ PhytoTech says on its website that it has seen “strong interest from retail customers,” The Independent reported.

The company is marketing the pills as treatment for a host of ailments, including chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, diabetes, epilepsy, arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder and sleep disorders, according to the report. MMJ PhytoTech’s site also describes the pill as a “food supplement.”

The company’s goal for this year is to sell a million capsules.

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2 comments on “Company begins selling CBD pills across Europe
  1. Lonnie Painter on

    Not a good deal. This comes out to about $0.33 per mg. Our collective asks $0.10 a mg for CBD extracted from cannabis using Co2. I’ve read other reports that says the price for those 30 capsules is almost $30 higher

    • Brother Rebelais on

      just curious is that price per mg by extracting yourselves or is it still affordable hiring out for the service? Just trying to work out the economies if in house or hiring out extractions. ty

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