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Leafly announces contest to celebrate budtenders on International Budtender Day

Tomorrow, Leafly will observe October 20th as International Budtender Day, with scholarships, classes and other giveaways for budtenders across North America.

SEATTLE, WA (October 19, 2021) – Leafly Holdings, Inc. (“Leafly”), one of the world’s leading cannabis discovery marketplaces and resources, announced that tomorrow, October 20, 2021, it will commemorate  the first-ever International Budtender Day, a new holiday celebrating and recognizing budtenders, the cannabis dispensary workers fundamental to one of North America’s fastest-growing industries: cannabis.

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Earlier this month, Leafly launched a budtenders-only giveaway in celebration of the beloved budtenders around the world who play such an essential role in our industry. Tomorrow is the last day for budtenders to enter Leafly’s International Budtender Day giveaway for an opportunity to win any of the below prizes. These prizes include a scholarship or course offerings at Oaksterdam University, an institution where students can enroll in courses like the Business of Cannabis, Horticulture, Budtending Certification Program, CBD & Hemp, and the Business of Cannabis Cultivation. Winners will be selected on October 21, 2021.

A full list of contest giveaways include: 

  • One $2,500 scholarship to Oaksterdam University, the first cannabis college and a leader in cannabis education and certification
  • Nine budtender Certification Courses at Oaksterdam University
  • 500 Leafly Budtender Exclusive Swag Packs

“Budtenders are at the forefront of cannabis, and they do their jobs in an industry ignored and uncounted at the federal level and often in the face of lingering stigma from prohibition. In the early days of the COVID crisis, budtenders continued to serve their communities, showing up as the backbone of America’s newest essential industry. As cannabis legalization in America and Canada spreads worldwide, we at Leafly want to establish a holiday that honors these essential workers in recognition of the skills, knowledge, and service they provide to cannabis customers every day. If 420 is about celebrating the power of cannabis as a plant, October 20th is about celebrating the power of budtenders to provide customers the knowledge and products they need to discover the benefits of cannabis,” said Laura Morarity, SVP of Marketing and Communications at Leafly.

Budtenders in the United States and Canada are invited to sign up here for a chance to win contest prizes. In order to enter, budtenders will be asked to submit a short, unique reflection about how being a budtender has made a positive impact on their life. In addition to the contest, Leafly is launching a set of Instagram giphy stickers on 10/20 for users to promote International Budtender Day across their own accounts. Follow along on all major social media platforms with the hashtag #Leafly1020.



Cannabis discovery marketplace Leafly aims to help more than 125 million people discover cannabis this year. Our powerful ecommerce tools help shoppers make informed purchase decisions and empower cannabis businesses to attract and retain loyal customers through advertising and technology services. Learn more at or download the Leafly mobile app through Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

Triminator introduces new breed of cannabis trimmer

By MJBizDaily Staff


Contact: Dana Mosman
Phone: 530.265.4277

The “Semi-Dry” Trimmer Improves Processing Method and Speed, Costs Less

Grass Valley, CA, October 14th — Triminator, a leading manufacturer of hemp and cannabis processing equipment, today introduced a new type of cannabis trimmer — and a new paradigm for trimming cannabis.

The Triminator Hybrid enables cultivators to trim their crops when the plants are semi-dry, in addition to when they are fully dry or freshly harvested (wet). Semi-dry trimming yields the same high-quality results as dry trimming, yet offers the convenience of trimming the plants when they still have a higher moisture content.

Additionally, the new trimmer processes material at twice the speed of similarly priced machines.

“Semi-dry trimming preserves terpenes and color like dry trimming,” says Dana Mosman, founder of Triminator. “The advantage is the flowers aren’t brittle and delicate like when they’re fully dry.”

“With semi-dry trimming, you can use a mechanical bucker to remove the flowers like you would when wet trimming, and there’s less trichome detachment. So the overall speed of the process is increased, while retaining the quality we’ve come to love with dry trimming.”

Using the semi-dry trimming technique, cultivators dry their plants until the moisture content drops to 15-20%, then separate the flowers from the stalks using a mechanical bucker. They then trim with the Triminator Hybrid at a rate of up to 20 pounds per hour semi-dry and dry the flowers until they are down to 10-11% moisture content.

“The Triminator Hybrid features trickle-down technologies from our other machines that cost three times more,” says Mosman. For instance, the vacuum system collects trimmings without forcing the material through an impeller fan. This no-contact system improves trim quality, which results in better extracts. The system is a standard feature on the new machine.

The Triminator Hybrid allows cultivators to trim at all moisture levels by allowing more control of the tumbler, vacuum, and helical blade speed, all of which are fully adjustable. Finally, unlike any other trimmer in its class, the Triminator Hybrid has a flexible  system. The fixed knife contours to the helical cutting blade, creating a scissor-like cut and the most precise trim in the industry.

Triminator will be accepting pre-orders for the Triminator Hybrid at their Demo in the Desert event coinciding with MJBizCon in Las Vegas on Thursday, October 21st. Interested parties can visit to register for the free event.


About Triminator

Founded in 2010, Triminator builds industry-leading cannabis and hemp harvesting equipment for professional growers. Triminator’s mission is to to help growers increase productivity and profitability in the rapidly evolving cannabis market.

For more information about Triminator’s line of cannabis and hemp trimmers, please contact our harvest experts at 530.265.4277 or


New pay-per-joint production model offers smart growth for cannabis companies

By MJBizDaily Staff

Cannabis pre-roll automation startup Accelerant Manufacturing announced this month the industry’s first Production-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, promising operators the ability to scale their output and reduce labor and overhead costs without any capital investment.

The solution—which includes The Accelerant PRO2 automatic pre-roll machine and an IoT-connected business intelligence suite—gives licensed producers (LPs) the speed, data, and infrastructure to produce up to 3,500 pre-rolls per hour for as little as $0.08 per pre-roll.

It also takes costs associated with maintenance, training, hardware, and software upgrades off the table.

“We designed the Accelerant PRO2 to help companies free up capital and accelerate growth,” says founder Grant Schuster—who held director roles in lean management, manufacturing, and supply chain in the cannabis space.

“It can take up to 18 workers and around $1M in annual labor costs to produce 50,000 pre-rolls per week. The PRO2 can be operated with just one employee and can produce 400,000+ pre-rolls a month with an annual labor cost of less than 5% of a manual process.”

In addition to its ease of use and modular configurations for adding capacity, the Accelerant PRO machine features:

  • Robotic arm to load cones
  • Weight-based filling accurate to .01g
  • Stations for compacting and twisting
  • No cone-no fill detection
  • Highly adaptive to variation with 30,000 positions per electric motor
  • Integrated cameras for remote support

To learn more about the PRO2 pre-roll machine and schedule a meeting to see us at booth C4650 in the MjBizCon Expo Hall, visit

Accelerant is an automation Production-as-a-Service provider for the legal cannabis and hemp industries. From weighing, pre-roll filling, packaging, Accelerant’s automation solutions can be deployed for no upfront costs, putting LPs in the black from day one.

Boyne Capital has acquired A&A Global Imports, Inc.

By MJBizDaily Staff

Miami, FL – (October 11, 2021) Boyne Capital (“Boyne”) is pleased to announce that one of its affiliates has partnered with management to acquire A&A Global Imports, Inc. dba or “MJ Pack” (“A&A” or the “Company”), a leading supplier of packaging materials and ancillary products to the high-growth medical and recreational cannabis industry. (

The Company sells child-resistant, government-regulated packaging to cannabis cultivators, processors, and dispensaries, as well as pharmacies and retail shops. Additionally, A&A provides marketing services and custom printing capabilities, offering its customers the ability to enhance their branding through customized packaging with logos and artwork designed by A&A’s creative team.

Since 2011, the Company has provided a one-stop-shop for its customers, offering approximately 2,500 products, including packaging products (such as glass jars, pop top bottles, vials, tubes, and retail exit bags) and other ancillary goods. A&A has in-house product design capabilities and has patented a portfolio of products from specialized child-proof bags, jars, and boxes to innovative multi-use closures. Further, the Company holds a strategic set of trademarks and copyrights, making it the only source for certain popular packaging products.

Boyne Managing Partner and CEO, Derek McDowell, said, “A&A maintains a uniquely strong market position, having trailblazed the cannabis ancillary space over a decade ago.  Meeting the A&A team and understanding their growth trajectory and loyal customer base gave us much confidence in the partnership.  We are excited to work with David Aryan, A&A’s Founder and CEO, and his proven management team to continue growing the company and supporting expansion efforts, both organic and through acquisition.”

Mr. Aryan said, “the Boyne team has been excellent to work with throughout this process, and they have already demonstrated their value as we begin to pursue our ambitious goals together as partners.  A&A has immense opportunity in front of it, and we look forward to collaborating on strategic initiatives to further accelerate our growth as the best-in-class supplier to the leading names in cannabis.”

The A&A transaction represents a recent platform investment in BCM Fund II (“Fund”). Boyne Capital is dedicated to investing in the lower middle market sector, specifically companies with revenues of less than $100 million and with EBITDA of $3 million to $15 million.

About Boyne: Boyne Capital is a Florida-based private equity firm focused on investments in lower middle market companies. Founded in 2006, Boyne has successfully invested in a broad range of industries, including healthcare services, consumer products, manufacturing, and business & financial services. Beyond financial resources, Boyne provides industry and operational expertise to its portfolio companies and partners with management to drive company performance and growth. Boyne specializes in providing the capital necessary to fund corporate growth and facilitate owners and shareholders’ partial or full exit. For additional information, please visit

Contact Joshua Bilmes at or 786.539.2245 regarding new opportunities.

Boulderlamp, Inc. launches one of a kind dual function horticultural and antimicrobial LED combo light

By MJBizDaily Staff

Media Contact:  Fazle Quazi

C: 303-257-3841

Lafayette, CO (October 7, 2021) Boulderlamp, Inc. (BLI) is introducing a new unique horticultural and antimicrobial LED combo light for indoor and greenhouse cultivations. PerfectPar™ DuoLight 4000 is a patent pending dual-function light designed to increase crop production with less energy and to provide preventative control of mold and pests. The company will be highlighting this product at MJBizCon 2021 October 19 – 22 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“We believe we are the first to introduce a dual function light in the horticulture industry,” said Boulderlamp’s Chief Executive Officer, Fazle Quazi. “This new light delivers a periodically moving intense light beam for increasing crop yield and preventative control of mold and pests.”

DuoLight 4000 balances and distributes energy intelligently for vigorous and healthy plant growth with higher efficacy. Light is usually more intense under the inner bars of a grow light array than outer bars. In DuoLight 4000 light under inner bars is reduced to provide uniform lighting. Energy saved from reduced light creates the periodically moving light beam.

During the daily grow cycle, the moving light beam travels within the LED light array providing intense light on top and below the canopy where most LED grow lights never reach. The antimicrobial light in the moving beam acts as a prevention tool against mold and pests in all phases of a grow, from start to finish.

The intensity of the moving light beam, its duration, sequence, period, and location are controlled by a programmable light controller. Cultivators can easily customize a light recipe such as light level and spectrum using this easy-to-use controller.

PerfectPar™ DuoLight 4000 will be available in quantities in the first quarter of 2022.

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About Boulderlamp, Inc.

Boulderlamp, Inc. (BLI) is a Colorado corporation that designs and manufactures high-performing, high- reliability, energy-efficient lighting products. BLI is the first company to introduce the 315W CMH and patented 315W CMH+LED grow lights in the U.S. market. BLI is committed to enabling more efficient lighting solutions for increased and healthy crop production for indoor and greenhouse cultivations around the world. BLI global headquarters is based in Lafayette, Colorado, USA.


Labstat International Inc. expands their Canadian cannabis testing capabilities

By MJBizDaily Staff

October 1, 2021 – Canada’s leading independent third-party cannabis, nicotine, NHP, and soon-to-be food product testing company, Labstat International Inc., today announced the further expansion of their comprehensive cannabis testing capabilities, becoming the first laboratory to offer full-breadth regulatory testing, Canada-wide.

Since 1976, Labstat International Inc. has been recognized as one of the world’s leading consumer product testing laboratories, specializing in analytical chemistry, in-vitro toxicology, microbiology, and method development. Originally known for their capabilities in the nicotine space, Labstat established their cannabis testing operations in 2015. Building off their Edmonton, Alberta facility’s success; Labstat has now opened an all-new cannabis testing facility in Kitchener, Ontario which will help to further service their full Canadian clientele nation-wide, across multiple geographic locations.

Labstat has significantly evolved their cannabis testing capabilities to address most of the commonly sought-after industry-wide client demands. They did this by building a brand new, state-of-the-art facility using unmatched automation, completely data-driven, able to satisfy the highest throughput and volume, and was designed by implementing and reapplying the proven principles of an ‘assembly line’ process.

“I’m proud to see our team further expand our cannabis offering as we open our new lab in Ontario. Since obtaining a license to conduct analytical testing for cannabis in 2019, we’ve remained committed to advancing our scientific capabilities and are well positioned to offer these services to our customers coast-to-coast. I’m excited for our future and the additional value this brings to our clients and the growing cannabis industry.” said Michael Bond, President of Labstat.

When considering cannabis testing capabilities, Labstat is at the forefront of excellence. Their operations are capable of testing all cannabinoid-based products including dried flower, extracts, isolates, edibles, and even cannabis health products. Going one step further, their validated and verified methodologies have proven to be highly proficient in obtaining consistently accurate results for microbiology, cannabinoid potency, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, loss on drying (moisture), foreign matter, terpene profiles, and nutrition panels. That said, Labstat has and will continue to proudly offer their clients with comprehensive emissions testing for all vape, heat-not-burn, and combustible products.
Labstat’s reputation for being a global leader has been well earned over the past 45 years of service. As a center for scientific excellence, Labstat is pleased to have over 10 PhD scientists on staff, over 50 GC/MS and over 9 LC/MS instrumentation systems, and a full team of statisticians readily available to assess and report on each project. When it comes to choosing a lab testing partner, Labstat ensures that you partner with excellence.

About Labstat International Inc.

Labstat is proud to be part of the Certified Group, a network of best-in-class companies, all experts in their unique specialties, converging to help simplify analytical testing and regulatory compliance for businesses in highly regulated markets. Known as the world’s gold standard in analytical excellence, Labstat was founded in 1976 and began testing cannabis products in 1981 with their first Health Canada commissioned study and corresponding publication. Since that time, they have grown their analytical capabilities in multiple technical areas ranging from the analysis of cannabis aerosol in e-vapor devices and heat-not-burn products, to cannabis smoke and vapour. Labstat is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and Health Canada licensed testing facility. For more information visit, Or follow us on Twitter, or LinkedIn.

For more information, or to book a media interview contact:
Daniel Bogdanic (

Labeltronix announces premium cannabis labeling solution

By MJBizDaily Staff

September 21, 2021

For more information: 

Jill Sambol, Marketing Manager
Phone: 714.363.4137

The Dynamic Hybrid Labeling Solution will help cannabis cultivators and manufacturers combine premium craft labels with on-demand variable printing. 

Anaheim, CALIFORNIA—Labeltronix, a leading provider of premium craft product labels announce the release of the Dynamic Hybrid Labeling Solution. The new solution helps cannabis brands print customized and variable labels as needed—without sacrificing label quality.

Traditional labeling methods require brands to compromise on either quality or convenience. With stringent compliance requirements, many cannabis producers were stuck adding tacky secondary labels to their products. By using a premium-printed base label from Labeltronix, finished with a specialized coating, and an Epson printer for on-demand printing, brands can add compliance information while maintaining a high-quality brand look and feel.

The branded base label is printed either digitally or flexographically and can be finished with embossing, spot varnish, hot stamping, and more. When products are ready for labels, the cannabis company prints the variable information—e.g., strain, test lab, batch, dates, contents, and more—on the branded labels using its on-site Epson printer.

“We saw how many brands were struggling to balance quality, cost, and flexibility with traditional label printing,” said John Trail, president and partner at Labeltronix. “The hybrid solution lets them use premium craft labels with the full flexibility of on-demand, on-site printing.”

Brands are using the Dynamic Hybrid Labeling Solution for cannabis flower, oils, edibles, topicals, beverages, and more.

To see the solution in action, visit Labeltronix at MJBiz Booth #C6033. Save 10% by getting your tickets through this link.

For more information, visit


About Labeltronix

Labeltronix is a leading provider of labels for high-end consumer products. It has more than 28 years of experience printing for the wine, craft beer, spirits, nutraceutical, food & beverage, health & beauty, and more recently cannabis industries. Learn more at

KURZ releases cannabis security design

By MJBizDaily Staff

Press Release

Huntersville, NC

With the Cannabis industry becoming the new target for counterfeiters, it comes as no surprise that brands and consumers are increasingly looking to protect themselves from fraudulent and potentially harmful products and their after-effects. KURZ recognizes the need for brand protection and consumer safety solutions and announces a new cannabis-themed security design: TSL CannaSecure.

The new design was created with KURZ-owned non-holographic OVD (optically variable device) technology exclusively for the state-legal North-American cannabis market. The silver, fully metallized wallpaper design contains a balanced combination of colorful and achromatic proprietary structures, easy to verify and hard to duplicate security elements, covert security features and an unmistakable 3D cannabis leaf that appears embossed but is flat to the touch.

TSL CannaSecure is intended for verifiable cannabis industry brands, whether plant-touching or ancillary, dispensaries, testing labs, etc. It is available from stock as transfer decoration for permanent application onto primary and secondary packaging and labels by printers and converters. Alternatively, brand owners and their supply chain can choose a 35 x 15mm finished, pressure-sensitive tamper-evident label for direct application onto cannabis products and their packaging. Both are available with low minimum order quantities.

TSL CannaSecure helps protect cannabis products and related hardware and accessories from counterfeiting attempts and authenticates products as genuine. Both products are made with sustainability in mind for the ever-evolving needs of a unique industry. The design can be used as a main packaging decoration or as a security feature, on-product or as a closure label. The design can also be used for other label sizes and constructions, customized in gold or transparent color and combined with additional technologies such as human-readable UIDs for additional authentication options.

KURZ is the world’s largest global manufacturer of a host of transfer decoration products for a multitude of industries, including the packaging, labeling, high security and brand protection sectors. Please visit or for more information or contact Reina Steiner at or call 1-800-950-3645.

CenturionPro launches the most affordable bucker in the industry 

By MJBizDaily Staff

Press Release – September 3, 2021


Pairs seamlessly with the CenturionPro TableTop and Twister T6 Trimmers

Maple Ridge, BC, CanadaCenturionPro Solutions Inc., following the incredible success of the CenturionPro Mini Buckers, the broadest line of buckers just got even broader with the HP TableTop Bucker; the industry’s first elite de-stemming solution for home-growers and small operations.

The HP TableTop benefits from two rollers that pull the stem into the de-stemmer to pop flowers off at an exceptional rate. Ideal for stems up to 3/8”, with 2-hole sizes to strip plants carefully and comprehensively, the robust machine can process up to 75 pounds of wet cannabis or hemp per hour (up to 15 pounds dry). The impressive power and precision are driven by a 0.33 HP motor with variable speed control, for enhanced versatility bucking wet and dry plants.

The HPTT Bucker is powerful, versatile, and combinable.  Users can upgrade their HPTT Bucker to include a stand, which allows users to combine their HPTT Bucker with the world’s top home-grower trimming systems such as the CenturionPro TableTop and Twister T6.  “There are thousands of these trimming machines out there, we’re just the first ones to build a bucker that pairs with them and at a price home-growers can afford”, says Karl Lundgren, VP of Marketing at CenturionPro Solutions.  “When you see the TableTop Bucker working in tandem with a trimming machine you can’t help but wonder how that trimmer existed without it.”

Portable and lightweight, this elite bucking solution weighs in at just 46 pounds with sturdy stainless-steel carrying handles.  Buck on the go with the discreet CenturionPro HPTT bucker.  Pound for pound the market’s most compact and cost-efficient bucker.  Now available to purchase online or through any hydroponic retailer nationwide.  Contact for more details.

For more information on CenturionPro and its elite harvesting solutions, please visit and keep up with the latest news via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can contact CenturionPro at 1-855-535-0558 and by emailing  

Reliable, Industrial, Simple, Efficient – witness the RISE.

For additional comment or information please contact:

Karl Lundgren, VP of Marketing, CenturionPro Solutions Inc.
Tel: 1-855-535-0558
Cell: 1-604-369-8342


ItemGrabber offering green professional cultivation consultation services

By MJBizDaily Staff

From hobbyist to professional growers, IGG can provide licensed growers and growing operations with the expertise needed to start or expand their operations.


Rocklin, CA – ItemGrabber Green, a cannabis supply company based out of Northern California, is now offering professional cultivation consultation services for both indoor and outdoor grow operations. From hobbyist to professional growers, Cannabis Operations Specialist Scott Martin provides licensed growers and growing operations with the expertise needed to start or expand their operations.

Cannabis Industry Growth

The US cannabis industry is worth $61 billion, and nationwide cannabis sales increased 67% in 2020. As the cannabis consumer continues to diversify and medical and recreational use becomes legal in more states, the industry is poised to continue growing, with analysts projecting the US cannabis industry to be worth $100 billion by 2030. ItemGrabber Green’s professional consulting services are here to help you capitalize on this growth.

Starting & Expanding Cannabis Cultivation Operations

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor operation, there are many factors to consider – from space, infrastructure, cultivation needs, lighting and electrical to supplies. In addition, budgeting and financing, security and compliance, and local regulations are major aspects of running a cannabis operation.

Scott Martin, an Army veteran and ItemGrabber Green’s Cannabis Operations Specialist has 20+ years of cultivation experience and has been involved with the plant for 35+ years. A journey man, HVAC technician, licensed general contractor, Hydrostore owner, licensed cultivator and Kush Kannon inventor, Martin knows the industry and has the expertise to help you succeed from the ground up.

“The most common mistakes with a grow operation tend to be not having the right folks trained in their positions, so they don’t know the scale or magnitude of work that comes with a cannabis operation.” – Scott Martin


ItemGrabber Green’s Services Reduce Costs

A consultant can save an operator on overall costs, cost overruns, failed crops and much more. Martin and the IGG team point out potential problems, design flaws and areas where the facility may be over or underbuilt. From licensing to cultivation and everything in-between, Martin’s expertise and network is invaluable to anyone looking to enter or expand in the cannabis industry.

From hobbyists to commercial operations learning the industry properly can reduce costs, save your bottom line, and ultimately keep you profitable.

About ItemGrabber Green:

ItemGrabber Green provides the cannabis industry with a broad selection of products used in cultivation, extraction, testing, production, and beyond. In business for over 20 years, ItemGrabber has extensive experience in consumable-product supply-chain management. They apply knowledge and experience to deliver second-to-none customer service, enterprise-level eCommerce and integration technologies, an expansive and growing product selection, and fast, professional, and concise delivery services.

Learn More:


Scott Martin
Cannabis Operations Specialist

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CenturionPro set to corner the dry batch trimmer market

By MJBizDaily Staff

cannabis trimmer

Press Release – Aug 18, 2021


Available in 5 Models, CenturionPro Offers a Dry Batch Trimmer to suit every harvest size

Maple Ridge, BC, CanadaCenturionPro Solutions Inc., the cannabis and hemp industry’s leading manufacturer of elite harvesting solutions, has developed the market’s highest capacity and most versatile line of dry trimmers, the CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmers (DBT Models 1 to 5).

The debate has raged for years on whether to trim wet or dry, but the emerging trend of dry batch trimming is undeniable.  “I could see dry batch trimming becoming the standard in the next 3 to 5 years”, says Karl Lundgren, VP of Marketing at CenturionPro Solutions. “When you consider the trim quality and price to capacity ratio on these machines, it just seems like a no-brainer to transition your harvest to this style of trimming.”

Whisper quiet, these machines were developed specifically for trimming delicate dried cannabis or hemp and streamline processes while safeguarding standards.  Available in 5 models, the DBT line expands on CenturionPro’s vision of a trimmer for every harvest.  From home growers to large commercial grows, there is a DBT machine to suit everyone’s needs.

cannabis trimmer

Through their unique Soft Tumble Technology, the CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmers produce a hand trim quality without the use of a blower suction system or lubricants.  This reduces agitation, trichome loss and produces the highest quality machine trimmed flower possible.  Also, the Adjustable Angle Stand that comes included with Models 3 to 5, makes loading and unloading a breeze.

cannabis trimmer

Customers can make sure that nothing goes to waste by adding the Kief Filter Screen upgrade to any model of DBT.  This upgrade essentially gives the customer two machines in one.  Just swap out the DBT tumbler for the Kief Filter Screen tumbler and use the machine to filter and separate the kief from the trim.  The 150-micron mesh screen is made of medical grade stainless steel, resulting in perfectly separated flower, trim, and kief, all customer ready, and all from just one machine.

cannabis trimmer

CenturionPro has a history of ground-breaking innovation, reinforced by unparalleled support and industry leading warranties.  Backed by a 3-year warranty, the DBT machines are breaking barriers as the first dry trimmers to offer Speed Control, which is available on all DBT Models except the DBT Model 1.  Achieve enhanced versatility as Speed Control empowers growers to better trim a wider variety of strains, regardless of flower size, shape, or density.  Additionally, the DBT Model 4 and 5 both feature a timer dial, so users can multi-task while they trim.  Set it and forget it and never worry about over-trimming that precious flower.

cannabis trimmer

The CenturionPro Dry Batch Trimmers offer unparalleled value and trimming capacity, ranging from the Model 1 at 10 lbs/hr for just $2966 USD all the way up to the Model 5 at 216 lbs/hr for $32,666 USD.  These industry leading dry batch trimmers will streamline any harvest and pay for themselves in no time.

For more information on CenturionPro and its elite harvesting solutions, please visit and keep up with the latest news via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can contact CenturionPro at 1-855-535-0558 and by emailing

Reliable, Industrial, Simple, Efficient – witness the RISE.

For additional comment or information please contact:

Karl Lundgren, VP of Marketing, CenturionPro Solutions Inc.
Tel: 1-855-535-0558
Cell: 1-604-369-8342


Centurion Pro

The Green Dragon CBD doubles its number of trusted brands

By MJBizDaily Staff

St. Louis, Missouri – The Green Dragon CBD, a fast-growing CBD superstore, is challenging other industry retailers to start thinking about their brand and product vetting processes while keeping the customer at the forefront of the business. Following their first full year of incredible business growth, in the last 6 months the company has doubled the brands they offer in-store and online, creating a major quality selection for customers. With over 100 5-star Google reviews in the first 18 months of business, customers are happy and coming back for the curated products and personalized customer service.

“We spent most of the first year building customers with a select group of core brands, and now we are aggressively expanding to be able to provide the best prices and personalized customer service for everyone’s favorite brands” -Matthew Jadwin, The Green Dragon CBD CEO

The Green Dragon CBD is paving the way for the industry by challenging other superstores to create quality selections of brands while still being able to offer high-touch, personal service to every customer. In the days of Amazon and others dominating the E-Commerce space, the team at The Green Dragon CBD believe they can differentiate themselves in a space where customers can benefit from education and want to discuss options and questions with a real person.

The brick and mortar retail experience is no different. The Green Dragon CBD has expertly trained staff that are not compensated based on sales. They are trained to focus on customer needs, education, and product knowledge. The environment feels like a boutique, creating a friendly atmosphere and housing hundreds of hand-picked products.

Trusted Brands

Each of the brands found at The Green Dragon CBD are taken through a full vetting process.

The process is important to ensure that lab results are available, products are quality, flavorful, and affordable, and customers are always important to that brand. Bringing a new brand on board is a process of vetting the brand’s quality, products, and overall mission.

Affordable Quality Products

Every single product in The Green Dragon CBD’s arsenal has third party tested lab results. Quality control is important to allow customers to shop freely knowing that the research has already been done for them. Before the team members at The Green Dragon CBD confirm a brand, extensive research is done on the brand in question. Certificates of Analysis are checked for product quality.

To ensure they are always offering the best prices, products are price checked against other major resellers and even the brands themselves every single month. Adjustments are made as necessary to keep prices low.

Once CBD brands and products are selected and added to the website, even further discounts are created to continue the availability of the products to any range of customers with different budgets. These discounts are sent through a free email subscription, the website, and even social media. Keeping affordability is important to create confident customers.

“To double the number of brands that we provide to our customers has been an extremely sensitive process especially in the last three months. The workload that it takes from the entire team here is extensive. When we add a brand, it’s an important undertaking. We want to create true partnerships, not just a pass-through relationship as a reseller.  That relationship ensures we can understand their supply chain, manufacturing processes, and new product pipeline to keep our customers informed and supplied.” -Matthew Jadwin, The Green Dragon CBD CEO

Curated Selection

The team at The Green Dragon CBD ensures a large, but curated selection of top CBD, Delta 8, and Delta 10 products. Every person that shops on the website, does so with confidence knowing that all brands and products are vetted for quality assurance. Lab results can be found for each product, and products are categorized for what the customer needs. Categorized products help customers choose their products thoughtfully based on their preferences or health needs. Some of the most popular categories are CBD Oils, Delta 8 Products, CBD for Pets, and CBD Gummies.

Personalized Customer Service

From individualized store experiences to unbiased product consultations to handwritten notes in every order, customer service is the forefront of The Green Dragon CBD. At the foundation of their beliefs is that customers need education and personalized connection in order to get the right product that will benefit them the most. Hannah, Customer Service Manager, knows the benefits of putting customers first. Hannah offers, “One of our main goals starting this company was to provide the best/personalized customer service. We write handwritten notes in each package for a nice personal touch and always resolve customer issues as quickly as possible, with our customer’s best interest in mind”. Hannah works hard every day to make sure customers are pleased with their products and the service.

About The Green Dragon CBD:

We are a family-owned and operated business based in St. Louis, Missouri. Led by our CEO and Founder, Matthew Jadwin, along with his father, David Jadwin, The Green Dragon CBD started in 2019. We operate retail stores to serve our local community and provide easy access nationwide through the online store. Our mission is to empower people to use the right CBD products as part of their (and their pets’) healthy lifestyle and to aid with health challenges such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more. We publish weekly content and run a CBD education center to help current and potential customers.

Read Our Blog:

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