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California Lightworks introduces MegaDrive™: New game changing grow light technology


Patented Lighting System Installs in a Fraction of The Time at a Fraction of the Cost

CANOGA PARK, Calif., October 14, 2020 – California LightWorks, a leading U.S. manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting, today announced the introduction of MegaDrive™, a game-changing new professional grow light system that delivers unparalleled results while significantly reducing both up-front and long term operating costs. By removing LED drivers from individual light fixtures, the new MegaDrive™ eliminates the need for electrical power connections throughout the greenhouse or grow room while significantly reducing up-front costs.

As the indoor and greenhouse horticulture industries mature, lowering operating costs is becoming essential to ensuring profitability.  LED technology can significantly reduce operating costs through high efficiency, long fixture life and sunlight balancing.  However, LED technology adoption in the horticulture industry has been slow due to high up-front and installation costs.

The new MegaDrive™ system consists of a large central power unit connected to a series of up to 30 LED fixtures in a chain.  High voltage three phase power can connect directly to the central power unit, eliminating power drops to each fixture.  In addition, all the lights can be centrally controlled from the power unit.  The result is up to 80% less installation cost and 30% less up-front fixture cost.

The MegaDrive™ also features:

  • Up to 3.5 µMoles/Joule efficacy using Osram LEDs
  • Bluetooth Mesh wireless controls
  • Light sensors for sunlight balancing
  • Dynamic Spectrum control

“Using the MegaDrive™ to replace our outdated HPS systems, we were able to double our canopy space by going from a single level to two levels with almost no increase in power and heat,” said Wesley Williams, Vice President of Operations at Exotics Cultivation in Lompoc, California.  “We completed the whole installation in half a day with no additional electrical work. The plant response to these new lights has been incredible, far exceeding any other LED lights we tested.  We look forward to converting our entire facility to the new MegaDrive™ system.”

“The key to our success has been relentless innovation,” said George Mekhtarian, CEO of California LightWorks. “Having R&D and manufacturing stateside allows us to deliver breakthrough lighting technology faster than any of our competitors.  The new MegaDrive™ is yet another example of our commitment to maintaining our lead in this industry.”

The new MegaDrive™ patented lighting system is currently available exclusively from California LightWorks for both indoor and greenhouse applications.  The system is UL listed,  made in California and carries a five-year warranty.

About California LightWorks

California LightWorks is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of LED lighting systems serving the indoor and greenhouse horticulture industries. California LightWorks, was founded in 2008 and is focused on research, design, and manufacturing of advanced and efficient horticultural lighting and controls. The company’s other products include SolarSystem®, a line of  smart LEDs for indoor professional grow operations, SolarXtreme®, a line of affordable LEDs for home and hobby growers as well the Greenhouse Professional series for the commercial greenhouse market. For more information, visit

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Yannina Diaz
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Burns & Levinson hosts fourth annual state of the cannabis industry conference virtually on October 29, 2020



Amy Blumenthal                                            Kristen Weller
Blumenthal & Associates                              Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer
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Cannabis startups invited to apply for opportunity to present one-on-one to investors in first-of-its-kind “Capital Connection” program.

Boston, MA, October 6, 2020 – Burns & Levinson will host its fourth annual “State of the Cannabis Industry” conference – which will be held virtually and will focus on critical issues in the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry – on October 29, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ET. In addition to the event’s Q&A sessions, expert panels and keynote, Burns & Levinson is launching a new “Capital Connection” program to match cannabis industry startups with investors looking for early-stage companies to potentially fund or mentor. Cannabis startups will be selected through a competitive process to present their companies in private 20-minute online meetings with capital providers from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Emerging cannabis companies can apply here until October 16, but companies are encouraged to apply early.

The conference will feature an interview with Commissioner Steven Hoffman, Chairman of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, in an exclusive one-on-one Q&A with Frank A. Segall, co-chair of the Cannabis Business & Law Advisory Group at Burns & Levinson. Keynote speakers include: Joseph Lusardi, CEO of Curaleaf, and Mitchell Kahn, co-founder and CEO of Grassroots. Curaleaf, which is a leading medical and wellness cannabis operator in the U.S., closed a landmark $830 million acquisition of Grassroots in July 2020 – creating the world’s largest cannabis company.

The expert panels and Q&A sessions will tackle a wide range of issues impacting the cannabis industry including capital markets, M&A and investments, secured lending, workouts and restructurings, and developments in the hemp and CBD market.

“Despite the pandemic, we are still seeing significant business opportunities in the capital markets, investments and M&A areas to invest in and acquire cannabis, hemp/CBD and cannabis-related companies. We look forward to fostering these relationships through our Capital Connection program,” said Segall. “Even though we can’t physically be together like in previous years, we are very excited about this year’s conference and the opportunities for participants to make connections, develop partnerships and learn from our peers and industry leaders,” added Scott Moskol, who co-chairs Burns’ Cannabis Business & Law Advisory Group with Segall.

The conference sponsors include: Cohn Reznick, Hub International, GFA Federal Credit Union, Nucleus One, Green Check Verified, Paragon Payroll, and Elevate Northeast.

Burns & Levinson was the first major Boston corporate law firm to develop a cannabis business practice, and has been advising cannabis businesses, entrepreneurs and investors across the country for over seven years. The firm has unrivaled experience in cannabis and hemp/CBD business formation and corporate structuring, private placements, venture capital, M&A, securities, banking issues, fund formation, debt and equity financing, restructuring and receiverships, real estate acquisitions and leasing, intellectual property protection, 280E taxation issues, and cannabis litigation.

The firm is well-known for its role in the cannabis banking industry and has worked with multiple financial institutions to establish a framework that allows them to accept cannabis-derived deposits. Burns & Levinson is currently working with regulated financial institutions and non-regulated private funds to set up first-of-their-kind cannabis lending programs. The firm is also among the top law firms in the country handling high-level corporate and financing deals in the private and public markets in the cannabis market.

For more information about the conference and to register click here. For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Kristen Weller at [email protected].

About Burns & Levinson LLP

At Burns & Levinson, we provide high-level, client-centric and results-oriented legal services to our regional, national and international clients. We are a full-service law firm with over 125 lawyers in Boston, Denver, Providence, and London. Our areas of expertise include: business/finance, business litigation, divorce/family law, venture capital/emerging companies, employment, estate planning, government investigations, intellectual property, M&A/private equity, probate/trust litigation, and real estate. We partner with our clients to solve their business and personal legal issues in a collaborative, creative and cost-effective way. For more information, visit Burns & Levinson at Our cannabis industry blog can be found at

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Hydra Unlimited™ introduces HydraMax deep water culture systems

Hydra logo


Sean Burnetter
Business Development Mgr.
(630) 699-6062
[email protected]

Lower maintenance, higher yields

Grand Rapids, Michigan – September 30, 2020:  Hydra Unlimited, LLC, the innovator in deep water culture (DWC) systems, is proud to announce HydraMax.  HydraMax is a unique hydroponics system meticulously designed to take your crop to the next level.

Deep Water Culture, commonly known as DWC, is a hydroponic process for plant production that entails suspending the plant’s roots in a nutrient-rich solution of oxygenated water. HydraMax delivers water and nutrients to each plant quickly and evenly, resulting in healthier plants and higher yields. “Our 40-year experience in fluid management created an unparalleled opportunity to develop, manufacture, distribute and support an innovative hydroponic solution.  We feel that the disruptive enhancements we have incorporated over traditional systems will generate considerable excitement in the hydro growing communities,” said Todd Hart, President of Hydra Unlimited and Flow-Rite Controls.

All HydraMax systems include HydraFlex circulators. These circulators feature an easy, integrated drop in design and evenly feed and oxygenate each of your plants quickly and efficiently. One HydraFlex circulator is installed in each bucket and replaces the need for air stones and air pumps. Air stones can become clogged over time, are difficult to clean effectively, and are prone to bacteria. Air pumps, which can become hot, can affect the temperature of the water.

hydra cannabis watering system


The HydraMax system features a unique, innovative, space-saving design, and there is no need for a reservoir – simply pour your solution into the dosing system, and all your plants get their nutrients all at the same time. “Our engineering team looked at numerous systems and talked to several growers about the issues they have with traditional systems.  They consolidated this information and designed a truly innovative and easy-to-use solution, capable of exceeding prior yields,” said Sean Burnetter, Business Development Manager of Hydra Unlimited.

Hydra Unlimited engineers have designed HydraMax to take the work out of cleaning with quick and easy assembly and reassembly with just a few snaps of our patented Qwik-Lok™ plumbing system.  “I have been growing DWC for over 5 years now and have tried a lot of different systems over the years.  Nothing comes close to this system’s performance.  In my opinion, it is pretty much the gold standard for any passionate hydro grower,” said Dario, Beta Tester @intenselabs.

HydraMax is available in 4, 6, 12, 18, and 24 bucket systems.  All HydraMax systems are shipped with TetraBase. TetraBase (patent-pending) is a reusable media that will anchor your plants without impacting your pH, nor introduce unwanted debris, pests or bacteria to your system.

hydra cannabis watering system

HydraMax 24 Bucket System


About Hydra Unlimited

Hydra Unlimited designs, engineers, and manufactures innovative water management solutions for commercial hydroponic growing. We have combined over 40+ years of water management expertise to create the Deep Water Culture solution of your dreams. Each system is meticulously designed to be easy to use and maintain while increasing your yields. Hydra Unlimited, located in Michigan, USA, is passionate about giving you the best for all your plants.

For more information on Hydra Unlimited visit, or call Sean Burnetter, Business Development Manager at 630.699.6062.  

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Happy Valley awards $2,500 college scholarship, first scholarship award for the cannabis industry


GLOUCESTER, Mass., September 22, 2020 — Happy Valley, a company committed to excellence in product and delivering a preeminent customer experience in Massachusetts announced today that Cullen Vujosevic of New Mexico was chosen as the winner of the $2,500 Happy Valley Scholarship award.

College students were asked to submit an essay that answers the question “How do you defy the stoner stereotype when using cannabis for medical purposes?”. The winning essay should inform and educate around the advantages of using cannabis as medicine and the changing perception of using medical marijuana.

Out of hundreds of application submissions, Mr. Vujosevic of New Mexico was selected as the winner of the $2,500 scholarship. Mr. Vujosevic’s essay was a compelling, succinct, and honest example of what it means to use medical cannabis responsibly.

Gregg Weiss, VP of Marketing at Happy Valley said, “We are thrilled to be able to offer a $2,500 scholarship. Changing the stigma for legal medical and recreational cannabis consumers is a responsibility of the cannabis industry as a whole and Happy Valley will continue to lead the charge.”

Mr. Vujosevic stated, “It’s unheard of that a cannabis company would offer a scholarship award. Kudos to Happy Valley for supporting students. Happy Valley is helping me achieve my path of becoming a Nurse Practitioner so that one day I can help anyone with a medical cannabis recommendation that wants it. It truly is an honor and privilege to be selected.”

Mr. Vujosevic’s essay is available to read on the Happy Valley website at


Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Newburyport, Mass., Happy Valley is a vertically integrated cultivator and retailer of a full suite of genetically validated medical and adult-use cannabis products. Through its “Verified Genetics” promise, Happy Valley is committed to creating a consistent, premium-quality cannabis experience for all our customers.

Media Contact: Gregg Weiss, VP of Marketing [email protected]

Green Kiosks expands line of sales kiosks

green kiosk

September 22, 2020 – Green Kiosks, LLC, an Illinois limited liability company (“Green Kiosks”), a leader in cashiering kiosk services, is expanding its point of sale solutions for the cannabis dispensary industry and developing new standards for the dispensary of the future.

Sales Kiosks

In the wake of COVID-19, dispensaries are looking for convenient, self-service solutions that minimize interaction between customers and staff while providing an interactive user experience. The newest sales kiosks are available in several configurations, both vertical and tabletop, and are bright, beautiful and easy to clean and sanitize. Best of all, the kiosks are surprisingly affordable and offered at low monthly lease rates.

marijuana kiosk

NEW! Green Kiosks now offers sales kiosks in vertical and tabletop models

Cashiering Kiosks

For accepting payments, Green Kiosks offers secure cashiering kiosks.  Driver’s license scanning technology simplifies the customer check-in process. Each multilingual kiosk is built on a proven ATM platform that accepts cash payments and makes change to the penny. Online payment reporting services help automate the cash reconciliation process so employees will never have to touch cash again.  A client dashboard provides a 360-view of business results through real-time graphs and reporting services.

cannabis kiosk

Green Kiosks cashiering kiosks offer ATM-level security. Employees never touch cash again!

Key Features & Functionality:

  • ATM functionality
  • Cash and card payments
  • Change to the penny for cash payments
  • Check-in services
  • Driver’s license and barcode scanner
  • Custom receipts
  • Real-time dashboard analytics
  • Integrated and stand-alone reporting
  • Outdoor model available
  • Partnership with Adilas for a complete cash management solution for dispensaries

To watch a short demo of our payment kiosks, please visit:

About Green Kiosks

Green Kiosks makes it easy for businesses to serve their customers on-site and online with convenient payment kiosks for medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Green Kiosks bring transparency to legal, cash-intensive businesses that increase customer satisfaction while driving dispensary throughput. The intuitive platform streamlines accounting efficiency, eliminates employees touching cash and promotes a safe workplace.

Visit for more information or email [email protected]




Custom Cones USA debuts fully automated pre-roll machine

Custom Cones USA announced the latest innovation in the pre-roll manufacturing space with their fully automated pre-roll machine. Capable of producing up to 1,500 pre-rolls per hour, this automated machine has taken what used to take a team of 10 people all day a matter of hours to complete. Additionally, customers can qualify for 100,000 free pre-rolled cones with their automated pre-roll machine.

Since the cannabis industry is so young, so too are the tools used throughout the industry. Compared to cigarettes, which are made on multi-million dollar machines, cannabis pre-rolls have been being produced by hand with simple tools. As the industry continued to grow, Custom Cones USA and others have invented small machines to help manufacture pre-rolls and now fully automated pre-roll machines are starting to be developed.

“I’ve seen manufacturing facilities with 10 knockboxes and about 20 employees producing pre-rolls in two 8-hour shifts,” says Fredrik Rading, co-founder of Custom Cones USA. “With the new technologies coming out, companies are going to be able to produce higher quality pre-rolls, not only faster, but also cheaper!”

Built in partnership with a Canadian LP, the Pre-Roller Automated Pre-Roll Machine, has over 40 months of R&D and over a year of near 24/7 use in the Canadian market. Unlike the smaller pre-roll machines that came before it, the Pre-Roller is fully automated and requires nearly no human touch. All the machine operator needs to do is take the cones out of the box and load the full towers of cones into the machine. Once the cones are loaded, the machine automatically takes the cones out of the stacks, weighs the cannabis, fills the cone, perfectly packs the cannabis down, twists the top, cuts off any excess paper, and then weighs the cone one more time to ensure 100% compliance.

Every single variable is fully controllable and customizable, allowing the user to save different strains or blends as pre-sets. The Pre-Roller Automated Pre-Roll Machine works with any cone sizes and can be programmed to fill any weight per cone. The same machine, with special attachment upgrades, can also be used to fill cigarette style tubes, which are not cone shaped. The automated pre-roll machine is currently available for sale and has waitlists stretching up to 14 weeks already!

Pre-roll automation doesn’t just help maximize your output, with COVID-19 causing disruptions across every facet of the business ecosystem, pre-roll automation also helps you create more sanitary pre-rolls for your customers. Not to mention, with COVID-19 causing social distancing and labor issues, pre-roll automation mitigates those risks entirely.

“You won’t need to worry nearly as much about contamination in your pre-rolls if you are using our automated pre-roll machine compared to a knockbox. Compared to having up to three people handling a single pre-roll, this technology rolls a perfect pre-roll with zero human touch!”

Best of all, if you purchase the Pre-Roller Automated Pre-Roll Machine through Custom Cones USA, you will receive a credit for 100,000 free pre-rolled cones! At a rate of 1,500 pre-rolls per hour, operators will want to ensure they are stocked on pre-rolled cones. Besides the electric power and pneumatic air pressure, all you need to run the automated pre-roll machine is flower and pre-rolled cones.

For more information about the Pre-Roller Automated Pre-Roll Machine, click here.

About Custom Cones USA

Custom Cones USA is the cannabis industry leader when it comes to pre-rolled cones, packaging, and pre-roll processing equipment. From pre-rolled cones, to plastic tubes, glass pre-roll tubes, to custom packaging, pre-roll machines, and even pre-roll co-packing services – Custom Cones USA is your one-stop shop for all things pre-roll!

Green Life Business sells five cannabis businesses in 30 days

Green Life

In the last 30 days, Green Life Business sold five prestigious businesses that include a cannabis medical only dispensary and delivery business business located in Vista, California, that sold for $5.65M.

  1. Interestingly enough, this Vista location was incredibly sold by Green Life before it hit the market. – Sold for $5.65M
  2. Notice Of Sale Cannabis Campus (1.83 Acres), Retail, Cultivation, Manufacturing & Distribution Licenses For Sale (Los Angeles, CA) #315 – Sold for $2.2M
  3. Dispensary Cannabis Business For Sale, Santa Ana, Fully Operational #276 -Sold for $4.5M
  4. Turn Key Cannabis Manufacturing Type 6 & Distribution Licenses For Sale (Santa Rosa, CA) #284 – Sold for $450,000.
  5. Cannabis Distribution License For Sale (Long Beach, CA) #282 -Sold for $275,000.


Green Life averages an impressive new exclusive business for sale every 48-72 hours, currently with 11 deals in Escrow. In the past 30 days Green Life has sold 5 businesses. Green Life offers a wide variety of Fully Turn Key operational businesses with revenues between $1M – $50M+ per year, Pre-Revenue licenses only, Includes Real Estate which ultimately caters to both existing cannabis companies looking to expand their footprint or for  someone brand new looking to enter the fastest growing industry in our generation.

Pushing The Cannabis Industry Forward

Since the beginning, Green Life Business has been in the front lines of the cannabis industry. Rapidly being recognized as the largest cannabis business brokerage in California. Not only did Green Life make history by representing the first ever cannabis business that sold in the heart of Los Angeles, it has also been validated by some of the biggest publicly traded companies as their go too for their Mergers and Acquisitions along with having over 100 cannabis opportunities currently for sale.

Green Life Business Group INC.
2878 Camino del Rio South, Suite 302
San Diego, CA 92108
(858) 245-6324
CA DRE# 02061374
[email protected]

Notice of public UCC Article 9 foreclosure – public sale

of substantially all personal property of
Ryan Cameron Rayburn Collective, Inc., a California corporation

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on October 12, 2020, at 2:00 p.m., Los Angeles, California time, a public sale (the “Public Sale”) shall be conducted of the personal property, whether previously, now, or hereafter constituting the items described on Schedule “A” below (the “Sale Collateral”) of Ryan Cameron Rayburn Collective, Inc. (the “Debtor”).

The Public Sale will be conducted via video conference on Zoom –

Meeting ID: 871-3479-7411, Passcode: 747345; also accessible via:

PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the Public Sale is being conducted by Shenson, LLC as agent (the “Agent”) for MM Enterprises USA, LLC (the “Secured Party”) to enforce the rights and remedies of Secured Party under SECURED PROMISSORY NOTE AND GUARANTY dated June 25, 2019, in the principal amount of $100,000 and SECURED PROMISSORY NOTE AND GUARANTY dated July 27, 2019, in the principal amount of $400,000 (collectively, the “Notes”) by Debtor as “Borrower” and Elliot Lewis as “Guarantor”.

The Sale Collateral will be sold to the highest qualified bidder for cash, or the credit against outstanding indebtedness held by the Secured Party or for which the Secured Party is entitled by contract to bid. Please be advised that Secured Party, and any assignees of the Secured Party, reserve their right to credit bid, and may credit bid, at the public sale of the Sale Collateral.

There will be no warranty made or provided relating to title, possession, quiet enjoyment or the like in connection with the disposition.

To be a qualified bidder, a prospective bidder must, on or before 5:00 p.m. (Los Angeles, California time) on October 7, 2020, both: (i) contact Agent at the e-mail address or phone number below and provide the Agent with current contact information and such adequate assurances of bidder’s ability to perform as the Secured Party may reasonably request; and (ii) provide Agent with a refundable cash deposit of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) to secure any bids that the bidder may submit at auction. The Secured Party shall not be required to post any such deposit in order to participate in the auction. All deposits of qualified bidders, other than the successful bidder, will be refunded after the auction.

Parties interested in participating at the Public Sale as a “qualified bidder” for the Sale Collateral should contact Agent by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone at 424-233-0698.

Schedule “A”

    1. Licenses – Long Beach (subject to applicable regulatory approvals)
    2. Inventory (subject to applicable regulatory approvals)
    3. Equipment
    4. Furniture

HISIERRA® launches new e-commerce website

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: South Windsor, Connecticut, USA August 14, 2020–

HISIERRA® announced today the launch of its new website offering fast, flexible, order processing for 24/7 retail access of its cannabis packaging line. Visit

Customers can view and purchase a variety of HISIERRA® top-shelf, child-resistant cannabis packaging. A customized or stock bag offers an eco-friendly message along with product preservation.

According to Michael Greenfield, founder, “I am thrilled to see our continuous product development evolve as a national and industry cannabis packaging leader. We offer a platform that allows an enhanced experience for our growing customers and new market expansions planned through 2021.”

Tim Elliott, national sales manager added, “not only is the site user-friendly, but our sales team and customers can quickly access the product line and purchase from a smart-phone. This significantly decreases the reorder time and a same day or next day shipping experience with a low-cost approach.”

About HISIERRA® Headquartered in South Windsor, CT HISIERRA® is supported by its logistics and distribution partner to house inventory in a 100,000 sf facility, offers globally responsible, made in America packaging, serving the cannabis industry.

Contact: Tim Elliott [email protected] 800-722-5685 / 85 South Satellite Road, South Windsor, CT 06074

Geocann inks supply and distribution agreement with Opticann, a new U.S.-based company founded by former MedReleaf executives

Contact: Sam Davidson
[email protected]

Geocann will provide exclusive distribution rights to market a select portfolio of VESIsorb® formulated oral and topical CBD and CBG products to major U.S. retailers

FORT COLLINS, Colo., August 6, 2020 – Geocann is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Opticann Inc. (“Opticann”) that will bring VESIsorb® formulated hemp products into the food, drug and mass market channel of distribution. Opticann is a Colorado-based company that was founded by former MedReleaf Corp. executives, including Neil Closner (founder and former CEO), Umar Syed (former SVP Corporate Development), Angelo Fefekos (former SVP of Clinical Affairs & Quality Compliance) and Ori Sher (former Sr. Director of Procurement and Security). Under Closner’s leadership, MedReleaf became a dominant player in the global cannabis industry and was acquired by Aurora Cannabis for $2.51 billion USD in 2018.

“We are delighted to reach an agreement with Opticann for the largest and one of the most strategically important channels of distribution in the U.S. marketplace,” said Jesse Lopez, CEO and founder of Geocann. “Opticann’s leadership team has a proven track record of achieving industry-leading market share positions by pioneering innovative cannabis products with strong brands and unrivaled consumer appeal. I’m confident this pedigree of strategic execution will translate perfectly to Opticann’s future success.”

The specifics of the agreement are confidential and include a combination of cash, equity, and royalty payments to Geocann in exchange for the distribution rights of select VESIsorb® formulated CBD and CBG products to CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Kroeger, Walmart and Costco.

“The patented VESIsorb® delivery system provides a much-needed platform for entering the U.S. food, drug and mass channel with product differentiation and an unmatched history of safe and effective use,” said Closner, Chairman of Opticann. “Together with Geocann, we share a commitment for building leading healthcare brands that consumers recognize for having superior safety, purity and performance. Our partnership was built with these elements as its bedrock.”

According to Closner, the recent study that was published in the peer-reviewed journal, Molecules, was of noteworthy appeal to formalizing an agreement with Geocann. The results of this double-blind, cross-over study (Molecules 2019,24(16), 2967) comparing the pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters of a broad spectrum hemp extract formulated with VESIsorb® to that of the same broad spectrum hemp extract combined with medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Overall, the VESIsorb® formulation showed statistically significant improvements for all measured pharmacokinetic parameters, including a 440% increase in maximal plasma CBD concentration (Cmax), a 285% increase in total CBD exposure over time [area under the curve (AUC)], and a 300% improvement in time to peak absorption (Tmax).

“These published results are unmatched in our industry and clearly demonstrate that cannabinoids formulated with VESIsorb® perform better in the human body, ensuring that health conscious consumers are receiving the maximum therapeutic benefits from Opticann’s product portfolio,” Closner stated. “Nothing gives a brand a better advantage of entering a new market than a peer-reviewed published study showing our products work better than competitive offerings.”

Geocann has the exclusive global rights to the patented VESIsorb® drug delivery technology for cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoid formulations. The technology has been successfully applied to a wide range of cannabis based product applications, including soft gel and hard shell capsules, functional foods (e.g. gummies) and beverages, powder systems, tinctures, sublingual sprays, and topically applied formulations.


About Geocann
Geocann is a global cannabis organization led by experienced leadership with scientific and technical expertise for pioneering new innovations in natural health products and solutions. Its focus is combining clinically-researched cannabinoids with technologically-advanced and patented innovations that provide product differentiation with superior therapeutic performance and unmatched supporting evidence. For more information, please visit

About Opticann
Opticann is dedicated to bringing medical hemp-based cannabinoid products backed by objective scientific data on safety, performance, and effectiveness to the market. Opticann was established by former executives and pioneers from the medical, pharmaceutical and medical cannabis industries who built MedReleaf Corp. into a leader in the global cannabis industry. Our founders have a strong belief in the power of phytocannabinoids for multiple medical and health benefits based on a sound understanding of the scientific rationale. Our mission is to market products that are clearly differentiated versus other hemp-based cannabinoid products and non-hemp based standard therapies. We believe in consumers and health care professionals choosing well-formulated products based on superior performance backed by sound and objective testing and both clinical and non-clinical scientific research.

About VESIsorb®
VESIsorb® is the leading delivery system innovation for dramatically improving the bioavailability of poorly absorbed ingredients, like cannabinoids. Since 2005, the advancement and superiority of this colloidal droplet delivery system have consistently been demonstrated in well-designed pilot and peer reviewed published pharmacokinetic absorption and bioavailability studies. For more information, please visit


For more information and interview requests, please contact Sam Davidson at 970-657-2479 or [email protected].

Ooze wholesale is named the exclusive distributor of Stache products in new partnership

Jane Wagner
(248) 224-9769
[email protected]


OAK PARK, Mich. — Ooze Wholesale, a Metro Detroit-based distribution company specializing in dispensary, smoke shop and retail supplies, has attained exclusive distributor rights in a partnership with Stache Products. Stache Products focuses on upscale concentrate vaporizers, and is best known for the RiO Portable Dab Rig.

“We are absolutely thrilled to introduce Stache Products to our distributor network of over 500 distributors and 8,000 retail shops across the United States and Canada,” said Ooze Wholesale President Dan Hannawa. “We are bringing the RiO to new cities and regions where it is currently unheard of. This is a new chapter for this brand, and we are honored they are trusting us to join in their growth.”

Stache Products now joins four other brands: King Palm Wraps, Truweigh Scales, Green Monkey Grinders, and Loud Lock Packaging as Ooze Wholesale House Brands. Ooze Wholesale will take over all distribution across the United States and Canada.

“It’s been my dream to work with a company like Ooze,” said Stache Products Owner, Designer and Engineer Rod Santos. “We have seen Ooze grow right in front of our eyes, and I want that same growth for our patented products. We do not rebrand, and will release new and original American-designed products for daily American users and patients. We have many designs we want to release under the Ooze brand and our own, and I hope the customers are excited to see what we do.”

By allowing Ooze Wholesale to step in and take over distribution, Stache Products will be able to focus on product development, releasing new products, and building wholesale and retail relationships. It will result in an overall increase in bandwidth for the Stache team to further develop their brand.

“Stache Products is such a unique brand that has really created their own category of concentrate devices,” said Hannawa. “We are so excited to bring Stache on as a House Brand because of the people behind the brand. The Stache team is so innovative and driven, and we can’t wait to combine our forces to bring a whole new level of success to this brand.”

About Ooze Wholesale: Ooze Wholesale is a cannabis accessory company and distributor located in Oak Park, Mich. The company was awarded the 58th spot on the prestigious Inc. 500 list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies.

Award-Winning PR Firm Durée & Company Launches to Serve its Growing Cannabis and Hemp/CBD Practice

Media Contact:
Durée & Company, Inc.
(954) 723-9350

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — July 28, 2020 — Durée & Company, a Fort Lauderdale and Aspen full-service public relations, marketing and special events firm, is pleased to announce that it has added some green to its signature pink color with a new cannabis- and hemp-focused website! An addition to the firm’s original website,, the cannabis-specific site,, is dedicated to the firm’s continued expansion into the booming cannabis and hemp/CBD industries.

“Our new website allows us to further connect with existing and potential hemp and cannabis clients, and to showcase the comprehensive PR and marketing services we tailor specifically for these markets,” said Durée Ross, the firm’s president and founder.

Ross recognized that the U.S. was on the brink of a “green rush” before the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 and pursued clients in the cannabis and hemp/CBD industries. Durée & Company’s precedent-setting efforts are paving the way for PR representation in this space, which is continuously growing. The total U.S. CBD market is expected to climb to a $2.1 billion market in consumer sales by the end of 2020, according to Hemp Business Journal; and the U.S. retail marijuana market is predicted to rise as high as $37 billion in sales by 2024, according to Marijuana Business Daily.

“Having entered the cannabis, hemp and CBD markets early on, we know the ins and outs of gaining positive publicity and providing marketing for these industries, and there is no better time than our 20th anniversary to launch our website and continue to expand our practice,” Ross said.

Visitors to the website can learn more about Durée & Company’s comprehensive services, including PR and marketing, crisis prevention, digital and affiliate marketing, and influencer relations. The site also features blogs about the cannabis and hemp/CBD industries, bios of the firm’s team members, colorful images, and much more.

The website itself is a continuation of Durée & Company’s signature branding. Visitors will instantly notice the addition of the color green to the firm’s signature shades of pink.

As the “green rush” continues to flood headlines, Durée & Company keeps a watchful eye on local, regional and national news in order to quickly pivot. The team have been working with full spectrum hemp and CBD brands, processing facilities, trade associations, dispensary owners, farmers, growers, cannabis cultivators, third-party laboratories and other startups.

Examples of Durée & Company’s PR and marketing expertise in the cannabis and hemp/CBD industries include:

  • Proven relationships with and a knowledge of key players in these industries, including members of the media, influencers and thought leaders; insights developed from the careful monitoring and researching of key expos and leadership conferences.
  • An understanding of U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines and the ability to effectively share news about cannabis and hemp/CBD products — a unique attribute in today’s marketplace.
  • The knowledge to help companies establish and communicate the need for Certificates of Authenticity (COAs), knowing that products are always under scrutiny.
  • The ability to navigate the cannabis and hemp/CBD industries to tell the right stories that attract potential consumers, partners, retailers and investors.
  • A focus on the products offered, as well as on the business and the people.

Additionally, Ross sits on the board of directors at The Florida Hemp Council. The firm is a member of the Cannabis Marketing Association, and of CannabisLAB, as well as a supporter of Marijuana Moment. Ross is regularly invited to speak on panels, webinars and industry roundtables, where she shares her expertise and practical applications for marketing and PR success in the industries.

With a longstanding presence in the health and wellness, cannabis, lifestyle and business industries, Durée & Company has worked with some of the top companies including: Veritas Farms, SanSal Wellness, ACS Laboratory, Tanasi, GreenWay Herbal Products, One Plant, PurWell, PurSlep, Natural Life Franchise Corp., and The Florida Hemp Council.

With the launch of its new cannabis-specific site, Durée & Company also added a touch of green to its signature pink, with a new, animated logo. For an exclusive look at some of the clients that Durée & Company has served and the relationships the firm has garnered in the media, visit

About Durée & Company, Inc.

Durée & Company, Inc. is an award-winning, full-service public relations, marketing and special events firm founded in 1999. The firm has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Aspen, Colorado. Durée & Company serves the corporate, agency and nonprofit arenas for local, national and international clients. Services include public relations, social media, marketing, digital marketing, content development, advertising, special events, branding, radio promotions, affiliate marketing and more. Durée & Company clients include well-known names in yachting, business, real estate, hospitality, travel, cannabis and hemp, wellness and CBD, art and culture, fashion, nonprofit organizations, legal and professional services. Durée & Company is a member of PR Boutiques International™ (PRBI), an international network of boutique PR firms. To learn more, call 954-723-9350; go to; or visit its new, specialized cannabis- and CBD-specific site at Join the social conversation and follow Durée & Company on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn at @DureeCoPR, or on YouTube at @DureeAndCompany.

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