House to Debate Key Cannabis Proposal

The U.S. House of Representatives is set to discuss a proposal that would bar the government from using taxpayer money to enforce federal marijuana laws in states that have legalized medical cannabis.

Five Democrats and five Republicans are behind the amendment, which advocates see as “the best way right now to stop the federal government from undermining both state laws and the will of a substantial majority of Americans.”

If adopted, the measure would reduce risks for cannabis businesses, particularly those operating in states with strict regulations on the industry. The so-called Rohrabacher-Farr amendment would essentially shield people who are following state MMJ laws from arrest and prosecution by federal authorities.

The House could vote on the amendment as early as Thursday.

The main sponsor of the proposal – Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) – was behind a similar amendment in 2012  that failed 163-262 in a House vote.

, House to Debate Key Cannabis ProposalMuch has changed since then, however. Several other states have legalized medical marijuana, and Colorado and Washington passed recreational cannabis laws. The federal government has also noticeably softened its position on cannabis, and a growing number of Americans now support the industry.

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2 comments on “House to Debate Key Cannabis Proposal
  1. CK in WA on

    Try living in Washington State since the passing of this law. It is like a free for all. Try raising children in this hell hole now. You smell pot everywhere. You see it being used in public, even though it is illegal. Makes it hard to instill in your children that drugs are bad and not to do it when they see it daily everywhere.

    I wished this law had never passed. Do a search on Craigslist under “MMJ” and there are literally PAGES of illegal sales/donations, etc. They think they can do whatever they please now.

  2. linda warren on

    Hell-hole…are you nuts the number of over-dose deaths due to legal RX drugs is higher that car crash deaths…The time has to come to treat-addiction as a medical issue….Drugs are bad?????? AHH but the ones that are legal ETOH…hepatotoxic…dead liver too muck booze…Wake-up it’s 2014 not 1945…Refer-madness….LW

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