Connecticut moves to restrict cannabis advertising on border

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Connecticut lawmakers are moving toward imposing stricter curbs on marijuana advertising, including barring billboard ads from cannabis retail stores along the Massachusetts border.

The Associated Press reported that a bill that passed the state’s House of Representatives would prevent anyone without a marijuana-related license from advertising the product and marijuana services in Connecticut.

In addition to the state’s rules for cannabis advertising that were made when marijuana was legalized, the same legislation would prevent marijuana businesses in the state from:

  • Advertising within 1,500 yards of a church or school.
  • Using images of the cannabis plant in ads.
  • Advertising on a lighted billboard between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Additionally, the bill – which is now awaiting Senate action – would strengthen rules against “gifting” marijuana, which has been a concern among legislators.

Of concern are cannabis “bazaars,” where people pay a cover charge or buy merchandise at an event and are then given marijuana.

The bill also would allows physician assistants to recommend medical marijuana.

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State regulators say applications are flooding in as the deadline looms in Connecticut for businesses to apply for recreational marijuana licenses.

Connecticut officials say adult-use marijuana stores could open by late this year.