Engaging Stakeholders: MMJ Experts Meet Medical Pros in CT

Connecticut’s cannabis professionals hope that education of the state’s medical professionals will be the key to jump-starting the state’s medical marijuana industry.

Pharmacists and physicians from across Connecticut met with dispensary representatives and cannabis experts on Wednesday. The event marks a positive step forward for Connecticut’s medical marijuana program, which has been slow to materialize since lawmakers approved the plan in 2012.

The state has licensed four growers and six dispensaries, however the businesses will only survive if medical professionals are willing to prescribe the plant.

Speakers discussed the importance of establishing relationships with medical marijuana patients, reviewing medical histories and assuring patients that the use of the plant does not interfere with medical protocols.

, Engaging Stakeholders: MMJ Experts Meet Medical Pros in CTCannabis experts also presented on a variety of marijuana-specific topics, such as clinical trials of cannabinoids and the potency of various chemicals found in the plant.

Margherita R. Giuliano, the executive vice president of the Connecticut Pharmacists Association, said medical professionals need to “get up to speed” with medical marijuana.

“It’s like any new drug that comes out,” she said.

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5 comments on “Engaging Stakeholders: MMJ Experts Meet Medical Pros in CT
  1. Bill on

    “It’s like any new drug that comes out,” she said. WRONG. Any new drug is FDA “approved” and Big Pharma pays doctors and pharmacists to push it and shoves it down consumers throats with a brainwashing barrage of ad campaigns. Throw some money to the doctors and TV ads and see what happens.

  2. victoria smith on

    Doctors who receive Medicare and/or Medicaid payments WILL NOT prescribe cannabis. Do people not know this? Only retired docs or those who do not receive M’care/M’caid will write scripts for ganja. What did the CT docs say at this meeting? Now that would be some reporting.

  3. Robert Cotten on

    I do believe these doctors need to take a class for this right? It’s not like some pharmaceutical drug that doctors can prescribe with no care in the world what happens to these patients. There are strains, concentrates, THC levels, these are things the doctors need to know as well. IMO Connecticut is not ready for medical marijuana yet. As much as I would love to see nature improve illnesses, Connecticut doctors do not have the knowledge for this substance at the moment.

  4. victoria smith on

    Hey Robert, docs in medical mj states do not study up on strains and CBD effects. They are either retired from active practice or practice some part-time not-really-medicine, like laser skin renewal. The docs who write mmj scripts are 1)looking for supplemental income w/o really being in active practice or 2)have a personal commitment to mj legalization or 3)both. Doctors merely confirm that you have valid ID, are of legal age & a state resident, and have a qualifying condition. Mmj docs are the rubberstamp for a red medical card. Patients get advice on strain types and effects from their budtender. The people who grow it know it. (Here in CO, dispensaries have to grow 80% of what they sell). California or Washington – isn’t it that way for you?

  5. Jason Deno on

    Yeah..I’m currently n wa..these guys got it by patients for patients..u can sell your grow!!to dispensaries..anyway..I’m moving back to ct..where I procured my card..r dispensaries open yet??whats goingvon?,lol

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