Cost of Marijuana vs. Beer in All U.S. States

In a unique research project of great interest to cannabis entrepreneurs, The Washington Post has published a comparison of the price of beer in all U.S. states to the cost of a typical joint.

The results show that, in general, consumers can choose between a joint or three-to-four Bud Lights for the same cost at current prices.

Oklahoma is the most cost-effective location for those who prefer cannabis, with a joint costing the same as about two-and-a-half beers. By contrast, Nevada is currently the most expensive place to be a cannabis smoker, with a joint costing more than a six-pack of Bud Light.

Many people in the cannabis industry feel that recreational marijuana can be closely compared to the alcohol industry. Several legalization measures around the country even specifically aim to “regulate marijuana like alcohol.”

The direct comparison of prices of the two products puts the potential competitive threat into clear terms.

As marijuana cultivation becomes more widespread and adopts best practices from the agriculture industry in coming years, prices for cannabis are expected to drop. As that happens, the comparison will become more and more balanced between the two products.

3 comments on “Cost of Marijuana vs. Beer in All U.S. States
  1. Derick @ UniversalHomeLoans on

    After reading this article it seems cannabis is being promoted vis a vis beers. I’m not sure how much of that will help the economy because it may lead to the situation of China what it was one century back. Most people of China once upon a time took drugs and other kinds of alcohols, rather than working. Is the US also walking to that end?

  2. doug card on

    So if you drink you dont’ work? I have 3 beers almost every day. What does that have to do with not working? What would switching to pot have to do with work? I would still start at 530 or 6 at night either way. Not remotely possible for that to affect my job.

  3. mike graham on

    On the contrary my friend, prescribed pharmaceutical products nearly killed my and left me bedridden, cannabis used medicinally saved it. At the time I became disabled, I was coming off numerous failed back surgeries, and having every adverse reaction to oral opiates recorded. I couldn’t keep food down and the vomiting aggravated my back, I couldn’t keep enough food down to have the energy to rehabilitate my back. After 3 yrs bedridden, three heart attacks & a stroke later, sent home to die in hospice care, an elderly nurse recommended I try cannabis. I did, it has worked incredibly, I’ve worked on educating myself and others EVERY SINGLE DAY since. Thanks to cannabis, I may go back to becoming once again a productive taxpaying citizen again~~IF I am allowed to use cannabis. I’m not some punk kid trying to get high, I’m just looking for safe affordable access to a product that improves my quality of life. I have learned to use specific strains to battle the nausea (I still have a morphine pump in my body, but dosage greatly reduced and no orals in over 5 yrs). But instead of spending my days hobbling between the bedroom and bath, I’m able to spend many of them volunteering at Mother Earth Holistic Health in Plainfield, IL helping to educate the local community. Just as when you write someone a home loan, you want them to be educated and successful—you don’t want to see another ’08 in the housing industry, we as those that will benefit most (patients using this product) want to make sure that only those with legitimate ailments & conditions that have been proven to benefit from using this product–can get it, without fear of prosecution or persecution–happy to answer any ?’s


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