Cost of Marijuana vs. Beer in All U.S. States

In a unique research project of great interest to cannabis entrepreneurs, The Washington Post has published a comparison of the price of beer in all U.S. states to the cost of a typical joint.

The results show that, in general, consumers can choose between a joint or three-to-four Bud Lights for the same cost at current prices.

Oklahoma is the most cost-effective location for those who prefer cannabis, with a joint costing the same as about two-and-a-half beers. By contrast, Nevada is currently the most expensive place to be a cannabis smoker, with a joint costing more than a six-pack of Bud Light.

Many people in the cannabis industry feel that recreational marijuana can be closely compared to the alcohol industry. Several legalization measures around the country even specifically aim to “regulate marijuana like alcohol.”

, Cost of Marijuana vs. Beer in All U.S. StatesThe direct comparison of prices of the two products puts the potential competitive threat into clear terms.

As marijuana cultivation becomes more widespread and adopts best practices from the agriculture industry in coming years, prices for cannabis are expected to drop. As that happens, the comparison will become more and more balanced between the two products.