New York MMJ Bill Must Ban Smoking, Cuomo Says

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has rejected the latest medical marijuana bill proposed by lawmakers, saying he wants the measure to include a ban on smoking cannabis.

If supporters of the bill agree to Cuomo’s terms, New York could join Minnesota as a medical marijuana state where patients are forbidden from ingesting the plant via the most popular method of consumption.

New York likely has a large enough population to support a smokeless cannabis industry, but the market would likely be much smaller than one where smoking is allowed.

A smoking ban would create opportunities for concentrates manufacturers as well as edibles and infused product companies, since cannabis flowers would be replaced by tinctures, oils and vapor products.

Cuomo’s comments came after the bill’s sponsors reworked the legislation Monday night. The changes included the removal of three conditions from the list of treatable ailments – diabetes, lupus and post-concussion syndrome – and the addition of a stipulation that only doctors can prescribe the plant. Sponsors also dissolved a plan to allow an advisory panel to oversee the program.

, New York MMJ Bill Must Ban Smoking, Cuomo SaysThe bill’s sponsors said they are continuing negotiations with Cuomo’s office, though the smoking issue could be a major stumbling block.

Lawmakers are on the clock to hammer out a bill the governor will approve, as the current session ends Thursday. The Assembly has already passed a version of the bill, but the measure still needs approval from the Senate and the governor.

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6 comments on “New York MMJ Bill Must Ban Smoking, Cuomo Says
  1. Gerry Bedore, Ph.D., MBA on

    From a business perspective, the question comes to mind, what does eliminating a primary means of ingestion get the people of NY? My first thought in reading this article is, this is wrong? People should be able decide for themselves how they take medicine like MMJ and NY is leaving a huge revenue stream on the table. Second thought, Humm…seeing the innovation with oils, other extracts, concentrates, and infused products in California and Colorado (I will see what is happening in Washington first hand later this year)it could be that the Gov. is positing NY for wave of innovation in the NY cannabis space. On the other side of the issue, will New Yorkers view their liberties as continuing to be infringed upon? Lots of perspectives to consider.

    Just sharing some thoughts.

  2. Shane Doull on

    Why the hell would you care what ailment Cannabis solves so long as it alleviates some part of the ailment? I guess only certain sick people deserve to feel better or heal in New York. Soldiers with PTSD have to use Cannabis like a cancer treatment in NEW YORK when they need it to deal with mental issues?
    Sounds like prejudice and being ungrateful to me.

  3. Bonnie Wills on

    basically we (the people) want Gov. Cuomo to ‘get with the program” and realize he is not ever going to regulate how people take their medicing. I mean, REALLY?

  4. Walter Stark on

    Bravo Mr. Cuomo. After so many years of working toward the elimination of smoking, largely for health reasons, we cannot turn back. Electronic cigs with extract is one answer. Edibles are another.

  5. Bonnie Wills on

    There isn’t a whole lot one can say when they (the people of NY) realize they didn’t elect a clear thinking business oriented governor. And on top of that, there is a TV ad running about “bringing your business to NY”. Kind of contradictory!

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