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Since 2016, Cowen has distinguished our expertise as a leader in cross-sector collaboration spanning consumer, health care, technology, industrials and regulatory policy verticals to offer the most comprehensive analysis of the global cannabis industry available on Wall Street. Our Ahead Of The Curve® Series Cannabis coverage provides analysis of the U.S. and global market opportunities, the CBD market, expansion of international markets, and proliferation of consumer brands and novel form factors.

U.S. Cannabis

Cowen Report: Charting Cannabis: A State-Level Deep Dive

Canadian Cannabis Compendium

April 15, 2021

Herein is a detailed 2020 Year in Review for Canadian cannabis. This data-driven report consists of 146 pages and breaks down LP performance and brand share across form factors and key provinces. We also provide updated estimates for the total addressable market for legal cannabis in Canada.

Page count: 146

Table of Contents

• Total Addressable Market
• National Canadian Cannabis Overview
• Total Canada LP Performance
• Total Canada Form Factors
• Total Canada Retail Doors
• Ontario Overview
• Alberta Overview
• BC Overview

Cowen Report: The Green Rush Needs to Make Good On Its Promise

The U.S. Cannabis Collective: A State-By-State Overview

April 15, 2021

This 154-page report consists of a state-by-state overview of the U.S. cannabis industry with policy insights from Cowen’s Washington Research Group. Using a variety of public and private data sources we provide granular insights into current state of U.S. cannabis as well as our expectations for legal U.S. cannabis in the years ahead.

Page count: 154

Table of Contents

• The U.S. Cannabis Collective
• National U.S. Cannabis Overview
• Updating the Legislative Landscape
• State Policy Overview
• National U.S. MSO Performance Overview
• Northeast States
• Midwest States
• Southern States
• Western States