Crafting with Cannabis: The Future of Infused Beverages

Hemp-derived CBD has seen massive growth in the past year—and expectations are that sales will only grow in the near future. Hemp Industry Daily estimates that CBD retail sales in the United States will reach as much as $11.3 billion by 2024. That’s 10 times expectations for 2019!

Alcohol and craft beer, wine and spirits makers must be very careful how they create drink products based on stringent regulatory standards related to alcohol and CBD. These regulatory barriers haven’t stopped the process of developing interesting new craft beverages.

This report, created in collaboration with Marijuana Business Daily and Hemp Industry Daily, highlights some of the latest trends we’ve seen around cannabis-infused beverages and provides tips for making sure you stay on the right side of regulations as they continue to evolve.

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Highlights of topics in this report include:

  • Regulatory and business outlook for beverage companies entering the cannabis-infused segment and a look at the current large players in beverage industry taking the step into the cannabis-infused segment
  • Regulatory state and future of infused products by the FDA
  • FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act
  • Increasing interest in patents and other protections for industry-related products and devices.
  • Increase in civil lawsuits being filed against marijuana businesses and the overall effect on the industry as a whole.

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