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July 20, 2021

, Custom Cones USA launches first-of-its-kind white paper, focusing specifically on the pre-roll industry

“Pre-Roll Experts” partnered with cannabis data firm Headset and surveyed more than 130 pre-roll business to deliver key industry insights.

Dateline: [FIFE, WASHINGTON, July 2021]Custom Cones USA has debuted the premier white paper on the pre-roll industry. To understand the current state of the pre-roll industry, the Washington-based pre-roll supply company surveyed more than 130 pre-roll companies and partnered with cannabis data firm, Headset, to combine sales data with survey data from pre-roll businesses.

As more and more states move to legalize adult recreational cannabis, the pre-roll industry has been a hotbed of activity, attracting more players, more investment, and more automation. The industry is evolving to meet a new world of increased demand, as well as smarter, savvier consumers who are more educated than ever about what they want.

Jocelyn Sheltraw, Headset’s director of industry relations, said she was very interested to partner with Custom Cones USA because of some compelling shifts she had seen within the pre-roll industry.

“I suspected that a lot of manufacturers might have to pivot or at least take note of some of the changes that were happening,” Sheltraw said. “This data is a great way to understand what’s going on.”

To see everything Custom Cones USA learned, you can download the Cannabis Pre-Roll Industry Insights | 2021 Edition.



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