Damian Marley partners to convert former CA prison to grow operation

The youngest son of late reggae star Bob Marley has joined with Ocean Grown Extracts to convert a former California state prison into a multimillion-dollar marijuana growing operation, a project that could spur other municipalities in the state to lure MJ businesses for their economic impact.

According to Billboard, Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, also a reggae musician, sees turning the space into a grow operation as “poetic justice” for all the nonviolent criminals who were once incarcerated there.

“Many people sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up,” Marley, 38, told Billboard.

The first stage of the operation will produce cannabis oil extracts. The first crop is slated for harvest by January.

The project came to the forefront last July when the central California city of Coalinga put its former prison up for sale for $4.1 million. The deal was intended to help pull the city up out of $3.3 million in debt. It’s estimated the new operation will generate about 100 jobs and generate around $1 million in tax revenue for Coalinga.

The California town of Desert Hot Springs also has turned to cannabis for an economic shot in the arm.

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2 comments on “Damian Marley partners to convert former CA prison to grow operation
  1. Eric on

    Beautiful, turning a former prison into a Cannabis farm IS in fact real justice. After all,the corruption of our freedom based on social “correction” of behavior has NEVER WORKED, and America’s failure to socially engineer behaviors has exposed modern “mental health industry” no matter what, it can’t change the facts that people have in human nature have sought out mind altering
    Drugs, alcohol and nicotine are the gateway drugs for first experiences regardless of ethnicity, or gender.

    End the so called “drug war” and just call it what it is, “the behavior choice war” on a so called nation based on personal freedom, if their is no flesh and blood victim, then the State step’s in and claims it’s self the “victim” and yet the State does not bleed, it’s a corporation claiming the same rights artificially as a corporation upheld by Supreme Court as a flesh and blood human, an immortal being if you will.

    End the charade of corporation’s being equal to living flesh and blood human being’s. It does not hold it’s own water, all the water on Earth is public property. Look at the failure of a public corporation in Flint, Michigan to protect the public health due to lead in the plumbing leeching into the public water supply, then look at the FDA and the very dangerous drugs the agency clears with clear and dangerous drugs stock piled in medicine cabinets across this country. Marley lives on even now, and will keep going, what a beautiful tribute by his son…

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