DC dispensaries get sales boost in advance of blizzard

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As medical cannabis patients on the East Coast brace for a gigantic blizzard that is expected to shut down many cities over the weekend – including Washington DC – many decided to stock up for what could be a long indoor weekend.

“Thursday was our biggest day – sales and number of patients – ever,” Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn wrote in an email from his DC dispensary, Takoma Wellness Center. “People are concerned they may be shut in for days without their meds.”

Kahn, who said he typically sees between 75 and 100 patients in a day, got 135 on Thursday and is expecting to get another 115 or so on Friday.

In addition, customers are buying up more than they usually do; Kahn said his sales figures on Thursday were double the average day, and “way more than double for an average Thursday.”

The takeaway from the pre-blizzard sales rush, Kahn said, is “to be prepared.”

“And, as a result, we won’t feel bad if we can’t open for a few days,” he added.