DC entrepreneurs finding ways to profit without legal MJ sales

Although recreational cannabis sales remain illegal in the nation’s capital, a number of Washington DC-area businesses have come up with various ways to turn a profit from the adult-use market.

Entrepreneurs of all stripes have been launching or restarting marijuana-related ancillary businesses after voters overwhelmingly approved a new law legalizing recreational cannabis use and possession, which went into effect in February.

The list includes Adam Eidinger, who helped lead the campaign to legalize recreational cannabis in DC. He’s been able to re-open Capitol Hemp, his head shop that local officials forced to close several years ago, according to News21.

Other businesses that are flourishing include those that sell home growing equipment, throw marijuana-themed parties, and deliver bongs, pipes and rolling papers to users. Some of these companies sprouted up recently, while others previously served the medical cannabis market and have been able to boost sales by focusing on recreational marijuana users.

The home-grow market is particularly strong given that recreational sales are not allowed.

“Growing is an incredibly viable option,” the founder of Hydro-City, a Maryland-based startup offering home hydroponic systems, told a local news station. “So our main thing is really making it accessible.”

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  1. DWAYNE on

    Seriously, Don’t you think this whole cannabis thing is just a bit silly. Schedule 1 drug with NO MEDICAL VALUES. SERIOUSLY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.Day after day how does this not get argued apon. The reports are there. The government still gives Tins of joints out every month. No one did a study,and why not test people your giving medical cannabis too. This has gone on far to long now. Legalize Cannabis now,focus tax dollars on Federal Buget and our Future the Schools.


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