DEA Searches Oregon Marijauna Extracts Makers

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In a reminder that cannabis businesses are still not immune from federal law enforcement – even in states with legal marijuana – U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents recently searched the homes of the owners of a THC extractor and seller in Oregon.

DEA agents searched the homes of Michael Andrew Dillon and Michael Corby, the owners of True North Extracts, on Dec. 23, according to Willamette Week. The move came after local police shut down True North’s oil-extraction facility in Wood Village, asserting the company’s warehouse broke building and fire codes.

Founded in 2014, True North produced more than 50 pounds of CO2 oil and 2,000 grams of hashish oil, even though the company only has 12 patients, according to an affidavit.

Agents also suspected the owners of money laundering and “endangering human life while illegally manufacturing a controlled substance,” according to Willamette Week. Both charges are federal felonies.

No charges have been filed yet, and Dillon’s lawyer said the assistant U.S. attorney responsible for the case told him criminal charges will not be pursued.

The company, which got “rave reviews” for its extracts last year, expected to make a $400,000 profit on sales of $1.2 million in 2015, according to records obtained in the search.