TV Station in Denver Delays Airing Cannabis Ads

Two Denver cannabis companies that were originally slated to make their first TV ad appearances this week have been put “on hold” indefinitely.

Neos, an extraction firm that sells vape pens, and The Green Solution, a chain of shops with both medical and recreational marijuana, were scheduled to run television commercials on an ABC affiliate in the city next week, according to the Denver Post.

But on Friday, the Post reported that the ads had been delayed, and are now being considered by attorneys, since marijuana is still illegal federally and the TV station is overseen by federal regulators.

The ads adhered to strict guidelines. They’re 15 seconds, and were expected to run just before Jimmy Kimmel Live. The ads would not show any vape pens, oils or cannabis in accordance with the law, and the words marijuana or cannabis will not be uttered, the Post reported.

The station, KMGH, also must follow strict guidelines for recreational businesses – no ads before 10 p.m. and no showing people actually consuming cannabis.

Advertising has always been a challenge for the marijuana industry. Laws are often strict, leading many growers, dispensaries, rec shops and edibles makers to turn to social media or rely on word-of-mouth to get their names out.

A handful of dispensaries and marijuana-related companies have run local TV ads in the past, but it hasn’t caught on.

Some businesses have gotten creative – a Tacoma shop hired an airplane to fly a banner over the U.S. Open in June, while a dispensary in Colorado Springs sponsored musical production of “Reefer Madness” to get its name on promotional materials for the show.

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3 comments on “TV Station in Denver Delays Airing Cannabis Ads
  1. Mike Henry on

    While broadcast radio and TV is still off limits to cannabis products and retailers who sell them, it is not illegal for them to advertise on online media. That is why many Colorado MJ-themed businesses, including Dank Dispensary, CMT Labs and Edipure, have advertised on internet-only WeedStream Radio and WeedStream TV since launching in January 2014. is dedicated to serving businesses and consumers in the growing and desireable legalized cannabis culture, as well as propogating the legitimacy of the entire community.

  2. gloria on

    What an atrocious joke! Not showing vape pens or oils, nor mentioning marijauna or cannibas? Come on people! Get real!! Grow up! Are you all scared? If you are it is because you are not properly educated about the subject. MJ has been around since the dawn of mankind. More than 50% & possibly more than 75% of the people in our country use MJ on a regular basis. They always have, always will, no matter if it is considered legal or not! I’ve said it before, & will say it again. MJ IS FAR LESS HARMFUL OR DANGEROUS THAN ALCOHOL, PERIOD!!! The only people that are against it, is the people that have been brainwashed into believing that it is harmful, or the people without a proper education about MJ, or both! Not funny, how our government, & law enforcement, etc., will allow people to drink themselves into a stupor, or worse, with alcohol, on a regular basis, even releasing the idiots that drive drunk, kill people with their vehicles, from prison, or just get stupid drunk & wreak havoc on their families, friends, etc.,, all the time, & get so addicted to alcohol they even end up killing themselves with it. Yet they all think MJ is worse than alcohol? They make MJ illegal?? This is not even a bad joke anymore, it is atrocious, wrong, & yes, I’ll say it, anyone that believes MJ is bad for you, or messes you up where you shouldn’t drive, etc.,, is just plain stupid!! The fact is this:
    Any person can drink say a 6 pack of beer, or a few liquor shots, & be impaired enough they should not even begin to drive or do most common functions. They drink double that much & they are drunken as all get out, stupid, sometimes violent, crazy acting, & sometimes kill people with their vehicles, etc. in their drunken stupor!
    On the other hand, any person can consume just about as much MJ as they can, either by eating or smoking, continually, & I mean continually, like way way more than the equal of any alcohol they could consume, & THAT PERSON WILL NEVER GET SO INCOHERENT, NOR MESSED UP, OR ANYTHING,, THAT THEY WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE, LET ALONE HURT OTHER PEOPLE!
    That my friends, is the fact, no BS, plain straight & forward fact! They certainly would not be incoherent, or not be able to do tasks that are complicated, let alone easy. Anybody that thinks anything different about it, well, I double dare you to show any disputed truth other than what I just said. If you don’t believe me, or haven’t even tried MJ, just go get some, & start smoking it, get some edibles, eat some along with smoking, continue to do so, all day, into the night if you want. It won’t hurt you, it won’t kill you(alcohol will kill you fast if you drink way too much, like in just a few hours!), you won’t even get addicted unless you have a super addictive personality, it won’t make you sick, it won’t make you have a hangover & feel bad all day the next day or more. But be careful, it might just inspire you to do something good, nice, or even come up with some great new idea or something! I know for a fact,, that what I say about this is the truth, & can prove it in many more ways than just one, but one should be all that is needed. Anyone that thinks any differently? Well, you should examine your thought process, because you are wrong, wrong, & wrong again!!

  3. Baxter on

    You are so right ! And all this hype about kids committing suicide is bull too ! Every one of these kids was either on Physcotrofic drugs or already suicidal . And the fed’s will take everything from you if you have any type of federal assistance ? This means Bank loans, HUD, LEAP,MEDICAIR, FOOD STAMPS, and many more programs that I bet most don’t even know about ? Federal law states M.M. although legal in states , is still a Schd. 1 drug, and they don’t recognize states laws ? Hmnnnn ? ? ? ?

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