Denver Grower Loses Court Fight Over Pesticide Quarantine

Denver marijuana cultivator Organic Greens was shot down in court on Friday by a district court judge who sided with the city after the grower tried to overturn a hold order issued by the city that prohibited the company from selling marijuana that had been treated with a certain pesticide.

The company had been forced in March by the city’s Department of Environmental Health to quarantine between 15 and 20 pounds of cannabis after the agency found that the company had used the fungicide Eagle 20 on the plants. Organic Greens fought back, arguing that the pesticide was used safely, but lost on Friday when Judge John Madden ruled in favor of the city.

The ruling means there’s no word on when Organic Greens may be able to legally sell the plants that were put under the hold order.

Organic Greens is among at least 10 Denver cannabis growers who were issued hold orders for tens of thousands of plants in March and April amid growing concerns from both the city and the state Department of Agriculture. Some have voluntarily destroyed the crops in question, while others have been waiting to see if they’ll be allowed to harvest and sell the plants.

Questions over pesticide use have been a burgeoning issue in the retail cannabis world, with little guidance from either local, state or federal regulators on which pesticides are permitted and which are not.

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7 comments on “Denver Grower Loses Court Fight Over Pesticide Quarantine
  1. Scott Howes on

    I say again People if you do not know how to grow Natural with NO Pesticide NO Fertilizer added what ever is in the ground will be up take in Cannabis.

    • emerald harvest. on

      It is an accumulative plant, it absolutely will suck everything it can out of the soil. There are some nutrient companies that are doing it correct – we aren’t achieving these record thc levels the old fashioned way. Make sure the nutrients you use do not say “for ornamental use only” & keep the poison off the stuff you’re going to ingest/smoke (or sell to someone else to smoke).

      • Mad Hempster on

        I don’t think chemical input to the plant has anything to do with THC. It is genetic. The reason for high THC in todays herb is the direct product of selective breeding.

  2. Numb Nuts on

    Well said
    cannabis hemp is a Phytoremediation tool in many clean up projects around the globe.
    know your soil ya dig?

  3. Mad farmer on

    Eagle 20, floramite,avid.. are all products that eliminate the prob. U think fools haven’t been using these for years on the black market. Use in veg. Their out of the plants by the end of flower. Every “organic” hippie grower I know have turned to the stuff that works in times of need. Say otherwise your full of it. And say u never get bugs or powdery mildew also full of it. Dispensarys won’t say they use it. But I guarantee most all do..

  4. Mad Hempster on

    I’m still going to go with genetics, genetics, and again genetics it has nothing to do with chemicals that you put in the soil.

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