Denver Launches Marijuana Info Website

The city of Denver has launched a new cannabis website ahead of Jan. 1, when licensed stores can begin selling marijuana to adults.

The site – – provides regulatory and legal information as well as links to additional resources. It targets everyone from existing businesses, property owners and entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the industry to consumers and visitors.

The move is yet another sign that Denver and Colorado as a whole are trying to approach recreational cannabis as thoughtfully and responsibly as possible. Doing so is crucial, as it will help prevent the federal government from getting interfering. Officials said the overarching goal is to allow businesses, residents and visitors understand what is and is not allowed under Denver’s recreational marijuana laws.

Education is an important piece of the puzzle, as it could help encourage individuals to act responsibility and follow the laws (an outbreak of crime would be a major concern for future legalization efforts).

The information on the new site is presented in brief tidbits, mostly in a Q&A format, that provide a simple overview of the issue without getting bogged down in legalese.

One example: “How are marijuana infused foods regulated? Answer: Marijuana-infused food operations must comply with the Denver Food Establishment Rules and Regulations just as all other food businesses do. They are also subject to inspection by the Food Safety Section of the Denver Department of Environmental Health’s Public Health Inspection Division. Marijuana-infused food operations that manufacture food in Denver must obtain the Denver MIP (Marijuana Infused Products) license.”