Denver Vape Company Expands Into Its Ninth State

Denver-based OpenVape, a producer of cannabis oil vaping cartridges and vaping devices, is expanding into Nevada by way of two partnerships, the firm announced this week.

One of the deals is with Las Vegas-based TGIG, a medical cannabis business serving southern Nevada, and the second with Nevada Botanical Science, a cannabis company in Reno serving the northern part of the state.

OpenVape and TGIG announced their partnership in a press release today, while the partnership with Nevada Botanical Science will be formally announced later this week or next week, according to a company spokeswoman.

The partnerships make Nevada the ninth state in which OpenVape products are available. In addition to Nevada, OpenVape sells its line through about 1,100 storefronts in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon and Connecticut, as well as Jamaica.

TGIG holds licenses for two dispensaries in southern Nevada, one in Las Vegas and the other in the town of Pahrump. The company also has a cultivation license and a production license that allows it to make cannabis oils and edibles. TGIG is already wholesaling OpenVape products to three other dispensaries in southern Nevada, and plans to make the company’s products available to all of southern Nevada’s 48 dispensaries by the end of the year.