Denver’s marijuana policy office merges with licensing agency

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Denver’s Office of Marijuana Policy will be folded into the Department of Excise and Licenses and both will operate under the direction of a newly promoted boss starting Monday.

Marijuana business license holders will not be affected by this change, according to a communications adviser with the City of Denver.

Any changes to the city’s marijuana codes or business licensing laws will continue to be handled as an ordinance subject to public review and city council consideration.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said Stacie Loucks is stepping down as director of excise and licenses, effective Friday, and Ashley Kilroy, the city’s marijuana policy adviser, will head both departments, according to the Denver Business Journal.

Hancock praised Kilroy’s experience and said the department – which licenses a variety of business – will remain in good hands.

Since Denver initiated recreational cannabis sales in 2014, the two departments have collectively administered medicinal and adult-use marijuana rules, the Denver Post reported.

The Department of Excise and Licenses oversees the licensing process for a wide range of businesses, including medical and adult-use cannabis outlets, liquor and cabaret, wholesale food operations, emergency and non-emergency vehicles, as well as pedal cabs and peddlers.