Detroit Council Enacts Dispensary Fees of Nearly $4k

Any of the medical cannabis caregiver centers in Detroit proper that survive the ongoing licensing process will have to pony up almost $4,000 in fees to the city, under new rules approved by the city council.

Licensing and inspection fees will be a new experience for Detroit dispensaries; until now, they’ve operated almost completely without any government oversight. But under the new rules, any business applying for a license during the only permitting window available – the month of March – will have to pay $1,470 just to apply for a license, and then a $2,276 fee to the city’s department of health for an inspection, Crain’s Detroit Business reported.

As of Friday, 132 businesses had applied for dispensary licenses in Detroit, according to Crain’s. But many of those were from outside the city and don’t represent any of the estimated 211 existing dispensaries.

And due to a new and highly restrictive zoning ordinance, which some MMJ stakeholders are fighting, many of those 200-plus storefronts won’t survive because they’re too close to “drug-free zones.”

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2 comments on “Detroit Council Enacts Dispensary Fees of Nearly $4k
  1. Lyle Courtsal on

    We had this problem in Washington State; they extorted the industry based on bad and malicious propaganda. Don’t they see that cannabis is better than alcohol, prescription drugs, and needle drugs? No, because they’re stupid and evil (and all about the money). You could sue them if you had a national lobbying group, but you don’t. Oh well. And also you have a self-esteem problem; trying not to be those durned hippies and all the rest of that consumer riffraff that are making you rich. Sucks to see the same old boring fascist cultural memes ruin your future too. . .

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