Differing Business Visions in Florida for CBD Applicants

There are very different views of what CBD businesses will look like in central Florida, depending on who ultimately wins the license in that region to produce medical cannabis.

A solid 24 companies applied for the five licenses that will be issued eventually in Florida, with one apiece going to five separate geographic regions. In the central Florida region, there are at least two very different and competing business models that officials are considering for licensure, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

One, Treadwell Nursery, would have a chain of up to 15 dispensaries spread out across the middle of the state, and all of them would be unmarked and purposefully discreet.

If Treadwell wins the regional license, it would likely begin with three dispensaries and expand depending on demand. Patients would have to get the addresses from their physicians in order to find the dispensaries.

Two other companies – McCrory’s Sunny Hill Nursery and Razbuton Nursery – are envisioning a centralized dispensary with a small army of delivery vans to service patients.

Whoever wins will be getting in on the ground floor of possibly one of the largest MMJ markets in the country given the prevalence of seniors in the state. While Florida’s current law allows only CBD-based products, an effort is underway to legalize medical marijuana under a broader program  via the ballot next year.

The five permit winners are expected to be announced later this year, the Sentinel reported.