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lNVESTlNG AND FUNDlNG CORNER 12 • Marijuana Business Magazine • November / December 2017 T he state-by-state nature of the marijuana industry has led to a patchwork of local laws regarding who can own or invest in licensed cannabis businesses. A Marijuana Business Daily analysis found that 12 out of the 30 states that have legalized medical and/or rec- reational marijuana have some form of residency requirement that bans out-of-state players from owning a stake in a licensed cannabis business or restricts such investments and ownership in some fashion. The details of the laws vary significantly by state. Some require that a resident who currently lives in the state own at least 51% of the business. Elsewhere, the law can mandate that the company be 100% owned by residents who have lived in the state for at least seven years. Here’s a closer look at residency requirements by state: Residency Requirements by State by Eli McVey