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H¬RE LEARN¬NG A receptionist is often the first person a patient or consumer sets eyes on when they walk into a medical marijuana dispensary or adult-use shop. So finding the right employee to present the face of the business and set the tone is an important decision. The right or wrong receptionist, for example, can have an impact on your bottom line. A cranky, unhelpful per- son helming the front desk can turn off potential customers – or even drive them to competing retailers. A How to hire – and train – the right receptionist for your retail store by Bart Schaneman welcoming, helpful receptionist, by contrast, can make people repeat customers who are more willing to open their pocketbooks. Receptionists also perform crucial tasks. They check identification, guide customers and patients into the store and generally ensure a business remains compliant with all necessary regulations. “One of the most important aspects (of your business) is that first face that people get a chance to connect with and say hello to and get to know your company from,” said Wanda James, owner of Simply Pure, a Denver marijuana retailer that sells medical and adult-use products. “I have often said that the hard- est person for us to find is the right receptionist.” But keeping a receptionist on board over the long haul can be a challenge, paving the way for frequent turnover. The position is often considered a stepping-stone to a job as a bud- tender or another role in the company. So, people who apply may want to 148 • Marijuana Business Magazine • November / December 2017