Marijuana Business Magazine - February 2018

SALLY VANDER VEER President, Medicine Man Denver | Pick: Wana CBD Strawberry Sour Gummies One of the recent trends in our industry that I am most excited about is the increasing use of CBD for wellness. We see a huge cross section of customers who use CBD for inflammation, pain, relaxation and a wide range of other reasons, including the fact that CBD just makes them feel better. One of our top- selling CBD products is Wana CBD Strawberry Sour Gummies, which are gluten-free and vegan and have 5 milligrams of CBD and 0.5 milligrams of THC per piece. It’s a top-quality CBD product. SHANNON AYERS General Manager, Parlour Cannabis Shoppe Portland, Oregon | Pick: Wyld Gummies Our top-selling CBD products are by Wyld. There is a strawberry gummy that contains 11 milligrams of CBD per piece, or a pomegranate gummy that is 1:1 (5 milligrams THC, 5 milligrams CBD) per piece. Wyld products are made in Bend, Oregon, in small batches with fruit puree. They were a medical pro- ducer prior to going recreational, so the product works. It is a tasty, high-quality product that works wonders for returning clients. SEAN COLSON General Manager, Blüm Las Vegas-Decatur Las Vegas | Pick: Moxie CBD Crystalline One of the best-selling CBD products we currently offer is the CBD Crystalline from Moxie. This prod- uct offers a unique spin on traditional concentrates where, typically, different forms of wax contain high levels of THC and little to no CBD. This product enables users to “dip ‘n’ dab,” which consists of dipping a high-THC concentrate into the crystalline in order to activate the body’s “entourage effect.” JASON GOERGEN Manager, Golden State Greens Point Loma, California | Pick: Fiddler’s Greens Tincture One of my favorite CBD products is the AC/DC 20:1 tincture by Fiddler’s Greens. They choose only whole flower that is grown all organically and pesticide free for their tinctures. Fiddler’s Greens also goes out of their way to select unique strains that have been proven to have qualities that help to bring the endocan- nabinoid system back to a state of homeostasis. The AC/DC strain that they selected for their 20:1 ratio tincture is known for its naturally high CBD content and is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been proven to help promote concentration and reduce anxiety. This CBD tincture is a great option for the treatment of PTSD and anxiety. It is also known for its neuroprotective qualities. The Fid- dler’s Greens AC/DC tincture is a quality product from the organic cultivation to the solvent-free extrac- tion process and is a fantastic product for CBD patients everywhere. REBECCA LEVER Manager, Canuvo Biddeford, Maine | Pick: Canuvo CBD Tincture Canuvo’s CBD tincture is our most popular CBD product. It is a wellness multi-tool that can be easily incorporated into a daily regimen and helps balance issues that often accompany chronic conditions, like anxiety, depression and inflammation. It has beneficial applications for a diverse group of cus- tomers, from the consumer who has never tried a cannabis product to the most experienced. — Bart Schaneman E ach month we survey a group of marijuana industry executives, asking them to name a favorite item – such as a trimmer, extraction technology or edibles ingredient. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . This month we’ve asked five retailers to share their top- selling CBD product. 14 • Marijuana Business Magazine • February 2018