Marijuana Business Magazine - March 2018

DERIC CLAYPOOL Co-Founder, Claywolf Clackamas, Oregon | Pick: ExtractionTech Solutions MeP My favorite is the modular extraction platform (MeP) from ETS because of the ease of use, versatility and throughput. I also prefer Across International ovens as they are consistent workhorses. In three years I have only had one problem with one oven, and Across International helped me resolve the problem posthaste. TYRELL R. TOWLE, Ph.D. Senior Chemist, MedPharm Holdings Denver | Pick: Heidolph Industrial Series Rotary Evaporator My favorite extraction equipment is the Heidolph Industrial Series rotary evaporator. This instrument allows us to efficiently recover ethanol after winterizing our crude cannabis extract. The Heidolph rotary evaporator is a rock-solid piece of equipment that functions well and is easy to use and maintain. ERIK KNUTSON CEO, CanCore Concepts Denver | Pick: Isolate Extraction Systems C02 Extractor We have been utilizing Isolate Extraction Systems’ CO2 machines for going on six years and could not be happier. We have deployed the systems with our Keef Brands licensing partners in California, Arizona, Puerto Rico and Colorado, with Nevada and Michigan coming online later this year. The IES systems are fully autonomous, meaning they require no live supervision during their use. In addition, the automation and computer interface features make the systems very user friendly. TYLER BURKE National Operations Manager, MariMed Advisors Phoenix | Pick: Pope Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Unit My favorite is a Pope Wiped Film Molecular Distillation unit. It’s extremely efficient, automated and extremely reliable. Distillate is the best base for infusing various products. The Pope has an unparal- leled output as well as efficiency, and – with the quality level of all Pope products – the unsurpassed reliability that we demand. JEFF WILHOIT Director of Extracts, Legion of Bloom Santa Rosa, California | Pick: Eden Labs Hi-Flo CO2 Extractor My favorite is an Eden Labs Hi-Flo CO2 extractor. I love it because it allows me to extract our car- tridge-ready Extra Virgin Flower Oil without the use of any secondary solvents, creating a high native terpene extract without the addition of terpenes or flavors. The oil comes out of the extractor cart ready, without the need for winterization – saving us valuable time in post-processing. KYLE ROBINSON Lab Director, Chalice Farms Portland, Oregon | Pick: VTA Wiped Film Evaporator Our favorite toy around the lab is VTA’s wiped film evaporator. This still has an unparalleled appetite for feedstock and is a champ at creating a flavorless, clean, high-potency distillate. It is this quality distillate that many of our products are built upon, and we couldn’t do what we do without it. — Bart Schaneman E ach month we survey a group of marijuana industry executives, asking them to name a favorite item – such as a strain, top-selling product or edibles ingre- dient. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . This month we’ve asked six extraction technicians to share their favorite extraction technology. 14 • Marijuana Business Magazine • March 2018