Marijuana Business Magazine - March 2018

RETA¬L BUS¬NESS STRATEG¬ES R ecruiting high-performing, enthusiastic employees is a vital part of a retail strategy – and retaining top talent is just as critical. That’s where crafting a strong corpo- rate culture can give your cannabis business an advantage over others and boost employee satisfaction and retention. That strategy has worked for The Giving Tree Wellness Center, a verti- cally integrated medical marijuana Treating Employees Like Stars An Arizona medical marijuana company creates a corporate culture that values and retains top talent EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A strong corporate culture has helped The Giving Tree Wellness Center become one of Phoenix’s top places to work. The vertically integrated medical marijuana company’s co-founder and managing director, Lilach Mazor Power, shared these tips for cultivating a corporate culture that boosts employee satisfaction and retention: • Provide training and educational opportunities for employees so they can grow in the business and the industry. • Keep employees in the loop with regular, transparent communication. The Giving Tree shares sales and patient numbers through quarterly newsletter communications to employees. • Invest in your employees’ futures by offering health insurance, matching 401(k) contributions and profit sharing. • Create a culture of giving back to the community so employees feel connected to your patients and the work you’re doing. By Joseph Peña business with two dispensaries and a production facility in Arizona. There’s low single-digit turnover among The Giving Tree’s cultivators and patient consultants. In 2016, employees helped The Giving Tree land a spot on The Phoenix Business Journal’s list of Best Places to Work in the city. The Giving Tree’s mission – “Improving the health and happiness of all through innovative cannabis Last year, The Giving Tree’s employees raised more than $9,000 for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K. Photo courtesy of The Giving Tree Wellness Center 90 • Marijuana Business Magazine • March 2018