Marijuana Business Magazine - March 2018

EMPLOYMENT TIPS How to Hire and Train a Store Manager for Your Rec Shop or Dispensary Y our store manager is more than just a behind-the-scenes overseer of the goings-on at your recreational shop or dispensary. The manager needs to take on many duties beyond supervising the bud- tenders and other retail employees. Those duties range from ensuring the retail clerks stay on task to answering difficult questions from customers and keeping the store shelves fully stocked. Industry executives said a store manager should be: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hiring an effective store manager goes beyond just finding someone who can manage budtenders. You’re looking for a candidate who can remain calm under pressure but also implement guidance from the top. When seeking out a manager: • Find someone who can answer tough questions from first-time customers and sick patients. The store manager should be someone who can listen and respond appropriately. • Your hire should be knowledgeable about cannabis and willing to learn – and they should be enthusiastic about the plant. • Look for a strong personality to lead the team. • You also want someone who can adapt to changes and take direction. • Make sure the person you select is a solid match to your company’s culture. • The most knowledgeable employee on the floor. • Able to put customers at ease. • A dynamic, forceful leader when needed. • A good fit with your company’s culture. Good store managers can be pro- moted from within or hired from out- side based on their past work experi- ence – sales and restaurants are both desirable fields to draw from. “We’re looking for people who know how to serve the public and under- stand our customers’ needs and take care of them,” said Andrew Jolley, owner of The+Source Dispensary in Las Vegas. Hire Learning By Bart Schaneman 96 • Marijuana Business Magazine • March 2018