Marijuana Business Magazine - April 2018

BAILEY STUART Owner and COO, Green Jar Cannabis Retail Wasilla, Alaska | Pick: MedTainer Storage Container One of our best-selling accessories is the MedTainer. Many of us have one thing in common in Alaska, and that is spending most of our time outdoors, and this product is one of the best accessories for our outdoor enthusiasts. It will keep your cannabis airtight, rainproof and it is a very lightweight con- tainer for backpacking. When you’re carrying your life on your back, every ounce makes a difference. On top of that, it has a built-in grinder for one less thing an outdoor enthusiast has to pack! TIM CULLEN CEO, Colorado Harvest Company Denver | Pick: Handblown Glass Pipes and Bongs In 2015, Colorado Harvest Company installed a fully equipped glassblowing studio in one of its three dispensaries. Eric Pitts, the Colorado Harvest Company resident artist, creates beautiful, handblown pipes, bongs and custom-made, cannabis-themed art. Prices range from $10 for simple pipes to $150 for custom pieces. We sell hundreds of them among our three shops, especially during the holidays. Customers can view Eric at work as they enjoy an entertaining shopping experience. DEREK MORRIS General Manager, Herbal Outfitters Valdez, Alaska | Pick: Top Puff Bottle Conversion System Our most popular accessory lately has been the Top Puff bong attachment. It’s a nifty piece that turns any water bottle, soda bottle (small or large) into a fully functional bong. When you’re done with the bowl you simply toss the used bottle, and on the next bowl it’s like smoking out of a new, clean bong. ABI CRUMP Brand Ambassador, Canuvo Biddeford, Maine | Pick: PieceMaker Karma Silicone Pipe The Karma silicone pipe made by PieceMaker is the best-selling accessory in Canuvo’s retail shop. This piece is incredibly versatile, which makes it a staple for any “cannasseur’s” collection. Available in a wide variety of colors to suit anyone’s preference (including glow in the dark), the Karma is also lightweight, made of food-grade silicone so it won’t break and comes with a spillproof lid. It even floats, making it any consumer’s go-to for life in the great outdoors. CHANDA MACIAS Owner, National Holistic Healing Center Washington DC | Pick: Ardent Cannabis Nova Decarboxylator Our patient population has simplified the decarboxylation process for oral consumption of medi- cal marijuana by using the Nova decarboxylator by Ardent. The decarboxylated medical marijuana is convenient for cooking with no smell, and the medicine can be utilized in a variety of forms to receive the full benefits of the medicine. This product is ideal for discreet treatment, especially for vulnerable populations such as the elderly and minor patients. – Lucy Jayes E ach month we survey a group of marijuana industry executives, asking them to name a favorite item – such as a strain, top-selling product or edibles ingre- dient. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . This month we’ve asked five retail shop executives to share their best-selling accessory other than a vaporizer. 14 • Marijuana Business Magazine • April 2018