Marijuana Business Magazine - May-June 2018

KEVIN KUETHE Chief Operating Officer, GB Sciences Las Vegas | Pick: Terpenez from Zelda Horticulture We are devoted users of Zelda Horticulture’s Terpenez, a terpene profile enhancer, in our four bloom rooms. At first, we were skeptical that a product made with all-natural ingredients could do what it was promising, which is to enhance the terpenes’ innate characteristics, like taste and smell. However, after a test, we found that it was doing much more than that – enabling us to culti- vate a powerful, healthy and consistent product. KYLE STAMBACK Director of Cultivation, Northwest Grown Products Mount Vernon, Washington | Pick: Massive Bloom Formulation from Green Planet Nutrients The stand-alone staple in my garden is Massive from Green Planet Nutrients. This product contains a nice PK boost, fulvic acid and micronutrients. However, the main reason I love this product is because it contains triacontanol. Triacontanol helps with early onset of flower sites, photosynthe- sis, internodal spacing, strengthening of cell walls, as well as allowing increasing carbon dioxide assimilation, creating larger, fuller, more robust flowers. The product does this all while increasing terpene profiles, cannabinoid profiles, yields and the overall aesthetics of your flower. It’s a super- clean product derived from bee byproduct, and it contains no dyes or fillers. SEAN CAFFREY Cultivation Manager, PharmaCannis Hamptonburgh, New York | Pick: Bulk from Rx Green Technologies A good phosphorus and potassium booster is critical during the reproductive phase to get the most out of your plants. Phosphorus aids in the production of adenosine triphosphate, which helps the plants convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates during photosynthesis. Potassium helps convert glucose and nitrogen into protein. Bulk from Rx Green Technologies is my PK booster of choice. In addition to phosphorus and potassium, Bulk contains soluble calcium, which helps move nutrients from the root zone to the rest of the plant. Rx Green has really done their homework with this product, and customer service is exceptional. JARROD KAPLAN Owner and Garden Master, SugarTop Buddery Portland, Oregon | Pick: Aphrodite’s Extraction from Nectar for the Gods and Unsulfured Molasses from Grandma’s I like to use Nectar for the Gods’ Aphrodite’s Extraction for a sugar enhancement throughout my veg and flower cycles. Then, on my first day of flushing, I use 15 milliliters per gallon of Grandma’s unsulfured molasses as a final sugar push. I like that Grandma’s brand is non-GMO and is currently making an effort to help create elephant sanctuaries. KYLE CASTANON CEO and Master Grower, Palomar Craft Cannabis San Diego | Pick: Fire from Heavy 16 Palomar focuses on growing craft cannabis, and Heavy 16’s Fire really helps to increase the overall quality, yield and terpene content of our flowers. It’s such a versatile product and can be used in mul- tiple ways to improve our flowers. They use high-quality ingredients, multiple forms of phosphorus and exotic minerals that work really well in conjunction with our strain-specific organic soil program. – Lucy Jayes E ach month we survey a group of marijuana industry executives, asking them to name a favorite item – such as a strain, top-selling product or work-related software application. We welcome your suggestions for topics. Email us at . This month we’ve asked five master growers to share their favorite bloom-enhancement product. 14 • Marijuana Business Magazine • May-June 2018