Marijuana Business Magazine September 2018

Patent # 7346147, Patent # 7515686, Patents Pending The 420 Series Irradiators are on-site X-ray Systems that feature proprietary QUASTAR® X-ray technology. MKT-032-Rev. 1 08/18 678-765-7900 The only result you will see on your BIO-TEST with the Series 420 machines from Rad Source!!! The 420 Series Mitigates: Total Aerobic Plate Count (cfu/g) Total Yeast and Mold (cfu/g) Entero (cfu/g) Coliform (cfu/g) The 420 Series is: Available in three sizes each built per ISO 9001 and CDRH 21 CFR Chapter 2, Subchapter 1 standards Mounted on casters Perfect for the LP who chooses to control the process A way to increase your profit and production Features QUASTAR technology 18 0 Q 1800 1800 Q 420 M18 0 Q 1800 1800 Q 420 M